That Vast Euroconomy

And the Left wants us to be like France and Germany why? Germany has an unemployment rate of 12.6%, and France’s crept up to 10%. Compare that to the US rate of 5.4%. And with the economic growth rate at an estimated 1% and 1.8% for Germany and France, respectively, neither country is expecting their jobs situation to improve. Compare that to an estimated 3.9% growth rate for the United States. I know where I want to live. Add that the EU intentionally limits economic growth to level the European playing field, and the prospects look poor.

How about some of the other European countries joblessness? (PS: some are slightly dated, finding some of the information has proven difficult)

  • Spain-11.3%
  • Greece-10.3%
  • Italy-9.1%

3 countries, added to France and Germany, where there are lots of anti-US demonstrations against our War on Terrorism. Furthermore, the governments subsidize much of the employment in their respective countries, particularly France and Germany. To quote Dan Rather "everything is beautifull."

Have fun moving to Europe, Libs. Oh, wait, you haven’t. Nor to Canada. Guess more promises by the Left go by the wayside. How is Soros doing with joining a monastary?

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