Ewards Gets 1 Vote

Now this is funny:

Defeated Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry likely is going to get one less electoral vote nationally than he should have — 251 instead of 252 — because of an apparent mistake Monday by one of Minnesota’s 10 DFL electors.

One of the 10 handwritten ballots cast for president carried the name of vice presidential candidate John Edwards (actually spelled "Ewards" on the ballot) rather than Kerry.

See the Country Store for the rest. Laughing to hard to type more.

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3 Responses to “Ewards Gets 1 Vote”

  1. nan17 says:

    Now if this isn’t proof that Dems don’t know how to vote at all, nothing is. Didn’t even spell the guys name right… LOL.

  2. Ogre says:

    Quick, demand a recount. And sue someone.

    Sorry, thought I was a Democrat there, just for a minute.

  3. Don’t y’all just love it? Dems are trying to pick up more votes in Ohio, and lose one in Michegan.

    Hi Nan! Thanks for popping in. No, I’m not ignoring you, Ogre. Nan is poster on the political forum I frequent.

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