Unpaid Work Time

I really wish I was in the mood, rather then hungover again, to really write. The Grey Lady has a story about workers being forced to work "off the clock." It is written more as human interest, but it illustrates an important point: the labor regulations passed by the Department of Labor under the Bush admin. have actually created an atmosphere where the DoL can prosecute and fine companies who do this. I had to take a very long training class last march on Labor Regulations, and some of the stuff is amazing. If a worker bee comes in early and logs in to check their email, gotta pay them. If they are asked a business related question during their lunch, gotta pay them. There are many rules about non work hours meetings, even causal one. Heck, an argument can be made for paying folks for attending the company picnic.

Paying OT is a pain, and messes with the P&L. It is still a whole lot better then the attention the DoL can put on a company, much less the fines.

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