This is some good news

U.S. troops sweeping through Fallujah say they may have found the main headquarters of terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
Lt. Gen. John Sattler said that isn’t certain, but he said a number of
"headquarters houses" have been found and useful information recovered.

Oh, the Al Queda guy. Oh, wait, I forgot. Iraq has nothing to do with the War on Terror. My bad.

Sattler, the commanding general of the
First Marine Expeditionary Force, said coalition troops found "ledgers
that list fighters from other parts of the globe," not just in Iraq.

soldiers have found documents, old computers, notebooks and copies of
the Quran. In other areas, troops recovered a ski mask and several bags
of sodium nitrate, which can be used in making explosives.

Video by an embedded CNN reporter shows soldiers walking through a
large building with a large Arabic sign reading "Al Qaida Organization."

Other parts of the world. Video by CNN. Hmm. Oh, wait, Bush is creating all these terrorists. They did not exist beforethe invasion of Iraq. Damm. I guess I am totally off base here.

More: Captain Ed has some interesting thoughts, which do not include the nuclear grade sarcasm of mine. Check him out.

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One Response to “This is some good news”

  1. Oh please. The question was never whether there were terrorists in Iraq, but whether they were under Saddam’s influence. We’ve always known Zarqawi was there . . . in the autonomous Kurdish region. There have been reports that Bush was offered several opportunities to take out Zarqawi before the war, but were turned down because doing so might hurt his case(I’m sure you’ll give those exactly reports as much consideration as the ones that claim Clinton was offerred Bin Laden).

    Bush didn’t create the terrorists in Iraq . . . he just destabilized the place so bad they can cross the border with ease and operate with impunity. Also, not everybody that shoots at a Marine is a “terrorist”. IED’s targetting military convoys are not placed by “terrorists”. Those are guerillas. I’m sure that the vast majority of insurgents in Iraq have no interest in harming civilians.

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