Do Over!

On the surface, this might make the Demorats happy:

Elections workers and reporters crammed
themselves into a tiny storage room Tuesday and angled for their best
views of a black metal box the size of a large briefcase.

And then they studied a three-word electronic message — "Voter log
full" — that some in the room, deep down, had hoped wouldn’t appear.

The warning message indicated that a computer tallying votes in coastal
Carteret County had reached its limit at 3,016 electronic ballots.

If only someone had seen the same message a few weeks ago, when the votes actually mattered.

exercise was the latest in an investigation into an embarrassing, and
possibly costly, voting problem. Because of problems with the county’s
voting machine, North Carolina may have to hold another statewide
election to pick an agriculture commissioner.

Should make those who are calling for recounts, and yelling "fraud!" on the leftist websites, such as the DU, mucho happy. But, and there is always a "but," it seems like that most of the votes lost were Republican votes. Many have gotten a kick out of the company who made the faulty machine, UniLect Corp.

If a new election is held, it will cost $3 million or more. And will only help solve the Agricultural Commissioner race. They will know in a bout 2 weeks whether a new statewide vote will be taken. From what I understand, it will be for all positions, according to state law. Expect the Dems to try and pull something.

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2 Responses to “Do Over!”

  1. Do Over!

    It looks like there is a possibility that a faulty voting machine in Carteret County, NC (if you are looking at a map, it is a county just to the north of where Jacksonville, NC is) could cause a new…

  2. Ogre says:

    You know, we can’t have a recount and re-election without all the provisional ballots and the early votes counted, too. So I look for the NC State Board of Elections (D) to call for a re-vote across the state, but still to count all early votes and provisional votes.

    I would say that no provisional voting should be allowed with a re-vote, since now everyone knows where they are supposed to vote!

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