Back to the Ivory Coast

UN is going to put an arms embargo on the Ivory Coast.

The U.N. Security Council imposed an immediate arms
embargo on Ivory Coast’s hard-line government after its violent confrontation
with France, drawing bitter accusations here Tuesday that the world was siding
with Ivory Coast’s former colonial ruler. (that would be France)

The Security Council’s resolution Monday also said that further sanctions,
including a travel ban and an asset freeze, could be imposed if the peace
process with northern rebels isn’t back on track within a month.

Wow. That worked so well with Iraq, didn’t it? Well, at least we know that France will not be selling weapons to the Ivory Coast in violation of UNSC resolutions. Or maybe they will. The leadership of the IC is none to happy:

Accusing French President Jacques Chirac of manipulating the U.N. body for
France’s purposes, Ivory Coast National Assembly president Mamadou Koulibaly
said the resolution "allows Chirac to hide himself behind other countries who
served as cover for him."

On one hand, having the French in the IC as peacekeepers is a good thing, keeping more of the civil war that has plaugued the IC from occuring. Yet France has taken a rather heavy hand in what is an internal affair between the legitimate government and a rebelling faction. Perhaps they might consider more involvement in Sudan, a story that seems to be relatively ignored by the MSM’s. I have many news sites on my Feedreader, and the only one that appeared is this.

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