That Evil GOP South

Captain Ed has a good take on the the Grey Lady’s article on "Southern Democrats Decline is Eroding the Political Center." Captain Ed writes "However, Toner uses contradictory racial arguments and ironically engages in a bigoted fallacy about Republicans to reach her conclusion:"

Ms. Toner does, indeed. Ms. Toner also misses a few facts.

  1. There has been a large influx of Northerners into the South over the past 20 years. I have dealt with SS#’s everyday for over 10 years. I see plenty of them that start with zero or one, indicating folks born north of the Mason-Dixon line. I have a game where I guess where they are from, which amazes some people, and is a good conversation starter. So I get to hear how many have just moved, or moved within the last 10-20 years tops.
  2. The South has a goodly amount of military bases, and many of those folks vote in the state they are based. Many are from the North.
  3. With all due respect to the North, the inclusion of minorities in the South is impressive, and the intollerance towards racist attitudes is high. Minorities are not limited to their own areas. Most feel safe moving into what was primarily a white area. And the governments work hard to make sure that blacks get better education through redistricting of schools.

Perhaps Ms. Toner should take a little trip out of NYC and her cushy job before assailing what happens in another section of the country. It might give her some insight into why so many folks, pardon me, "white folks," vote GOP for national posts.  And, one other thing: how many Southern Congress Critters or Governors that are Democrat have gone barking moonbat? Other then Corrine Brown (and Florida is not really considered "South"), none that I can think of. The prevailing attitudes in the South do not allow for that behavior.

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