Loons Going Strong

I would love to move past some of the coming and goings of the moonbats, but, really, they amuse me (up to a point, then I am back to considering the purchase of a Beretta 9000s again). This just illustrates my point. Hey sparky, try pulling that down south of the Mason-Dixon. Please, use that language in front of our women and children.

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3 Responses to “Loons Going Strong”

  1. Julie says:

    Hey, that thing about the South was WAY out there if you ask me..I’ve seen it circulated around the blogsphere alot lately and it’s really sickening that someone actually took the time to write something so evil. I think you’re idea of handling morons like that is a good one!!

  2. There is a funny thing about Tips From the NC Tourist Dept over at John Boy and Billy’s website (www.the bigshow.com), regarding being polite when folks come south. Behind the humor is truth. What is scary is that this attitude by the Left is becoming pervasive as a “feeling,” rather then “thought.” To put the southern secession in a nutshell, it was thought that they didn’t want the federal gov’t to be so intrusive in their lives. It wasn’t about “feelings.” And that scares me about the left today. Their primary tendency to go with their feelings, rather then thoughts.

  3. Ogre says:

    Feelings trump logic every time. That’s why the Democratic party still has people elected.

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