Dutch are learning

The Dutch government has vowed to take tough action against Islamic radicalism after the murder of a film maker.

Theo van Gogh, the director of a movie criticising the treatment of women under Islam, was shot and stabbed in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

I know someone else had been blogging this, unfortunately, the posts are no longer showing in Feedreader.

But now it seems that

Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Gerrit Zalm promised more funding for intelligence services, and said terror suspects with dual nationality might be deported.

“We are going to ratchet up the fight against this sort of terrorism,” he said.

“The increase in radicalisation is worse than we had thought.”

About f’ing time that they got it. Hopefully, the other mainland European countries that haven’t will take a hint.

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One Response to “Dutch are learning”

  1. Ogre says:

    Oh, they’re going to get tough. So I guess they’re going to really get mad. They have a plan, I’m sure. And they’re going to take that plan to the next level. And then they’ll give them a severe talking to.

    Call Bush — he’s just tell the Marines to shoot them. 🙂

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