Sunday Awwwwwwwwww! (22 Images)

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Comment by TFMo
2009-11-15 15:42:02

WOW. Lotta dead sites this time, Teach!

How about doing a Dead Site Pin-up?

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-15 16:24:11

How many were you seeing? I only see one, 5th one down, which I am about to replace.

I am tempted at times to just put everything on my own Photobucket site.

2009-11-15 18:28:53

Even with the dead ones, the last one was the kicker!

Comment by TFMo
2009-11-15 18:33:26

Eight, originally. Now there’s just three down. Numbers 13, 14, and 15, after the Wargle Bargle one.

Comment by TFMo
2009-11-15 19:58:28

THERE they are!

My favorite is Kitty Sniper…related to Pity Kitty, perhaps?

Comment by William Teach
2009-11-15 20:01:08

It’s weird, first only #5 showed, then 2 more showed, then those last 3. None were showing while I was originally doing the post. I am just going to find and upload to photobucket completely from now on.


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