Wake County Sheriff Told To Issue New Gun Permits

Of course, there is a very big caveat in this

Wake sheriff to resume pistol permit applications halted by coronavirus concerns

The Wake County sheriff will resume processing pistol purchase permits in “as timely a fashion as possible under the current conditions,” according to a court order filed Tuesday.

Sheriff Gerald Baker said he was pleased with the order, signed by Resident Superior Court Judge A. Graham Shirley.

“I believe the court’s review of the entire situation reveals that my primary purpose has always been, and will continue to be, to protect the safety and welfare of my staff, Wake County citizens and the jail residents housed in the Wake County Public Safety Center,” Baker stated in a news release.

Baker announced last week that he was suspending pistol purchase permit applications until April 30 because of a backlog in applications and a concern that growing numbers of people coming in seeking permits could potentially spread the coronavirus.

Pistol purchase permit applications were up nearly 500% over the same time period as 2018, The News & Observer previously reported. The applications require a background check, and the Wake County Clerk of Courts, which does the checks, could not keep up with demand, the sheriff said.

Look, I get the point of having too many people too close. There were a bunch of people in line very close when I got mine back in 2009. But, this is all an excuse from an uber-Leftist sheriff who really doesn’t want to give any out, and he will find a way to snail walk applications, meaning people won’t be getting them for months and months, if at all this year.

The consent order gives Baker up to seven days to implement the changes needed to resume accepting pistol purchase applications. Information on the modified application process will be available on the Sheriff’s Office Pistol Permits Office’s website in the next few days.

We’ll have to see what he puts in place.

Meanwhile, in other Gun Grabber news

Moms Demand Action to Governors: ‘Ignore’ Trump’s ‘Essential’ Label for Gun Stores

Michael Bloomberg’s gun control groups Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety are urging governors around the country to ignore the Donald Trump administration’s labeling of gun stores as “essential” business.

On March 28, 2020, Breitbart News reported that Trump’s Department of Homeland Security issued new guidelines highlighting those businesses that are essential and “critical” during a coronavirus shutdown. Firearm retailers and manufacturers were listed as essential, and the Bloomberg gun control groups are trying to convince governors that it is okay to ignore these guidelines.

A post on the Everytown/Moms Demand Action website quotes Moms Demands Action’s Shannon Watts saying, “The gun lobby has fear-mongered to stoke gun sales throughout this pandemic, pedaling the lie that more guns make us safer. The Trump administration just gave that myth its seal of approval, proving once again that President Trump cares more about lining gun dealers’ pockets than saving American lives.”

Democrats and their pet media have turned an elevated issue of concern into an economy destroying pandemic, and citizens are concerned about the rise of crime as cops are dispatched to arrest people having parties.

Everytown’s John Feinblatt said, “It’s shameful and nonsensical that the Trump administration has decided to put gun dealers and manufacturers on the same level as police, first responders, hospital workers, and other Americans who are risking everything to save lives during this pandemic. Governors should feel free to ignore this irresponsible advisory and do what’s best for their residents.”

See, having the means to protect yourself is meaningless for these gun grabbers. Interesting that Bloomberg, Watts, and other gun grabbers typically have their own armed security.

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Queen Beats Greens On Lawsuit To Build Hydroelectric Dam

You know how Greenie Weenie’s want us to build lots of solar, wind, and hydro power to replace Evil coal and fossil fuels? That mostly seems to be in theory, because when you actually try and build them the greenies try and stop them

Queen wins battle with environmental protestors to build hydroelectric turbine on Balmoral estate

The Queen has won a battle with environmentalists to go green and build a hydroelectric turbine on her land.

Her Majesty wanted to build a two-megawatt generator on the River Muick, which runs through her 50,000-acre Balmoral estate in Scotland.

The plans will generate up to £650,000 of power a year, which will power the estate, and surplus electricity could be sold on to the National Grid.

But the plans were opposed by environmentalists who feared it would be too noisy for woodland creatures living nearby.

It’s always something with these people. “We need green energy! But you can’t build it!”

Richard Gledson, on behalf of Balmoral Estates, said of the plans: ‘Balmoral Estates has already developed a hydro scheme on the Gelder Burn, which was commissioned in 2014.

So, why are Greenie Weenies concerned now? They weren’t concerned before.

The turbines will be the fourth and fifth installed there.

The first was supplied to provide electric light to Queen Victoria in 1898.

Definitely not concerned before. The NY Times was Concerned about hydroelectric dams blocking free flowing rivers. Salon wanted dams taken down to protect salmon. Lots more of that out there, and Grist, which has run anti-dam articles in the past, notes that when dams are torn down coal steps in. You probably get some natural gas, too.

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Hawaii, Laredo Ramp Up Fines And Threats For Bat Soup Virus Violators

These could make for some interesting Constitutional, both state and federal, lawsuits. Does Hawaii and Laredo, Texas, have the authority to do this?

Hawaii will fine self-quarantine violators $5,000 or send them to prison

If you were thinking of riding out the pandemic in sunny Hawaii, think again: Anyone traveling between the state’s islands must quarantine themselves for two weeks.

And breaking that quarantine order to gulp some fresh air could earn you a hefty fine — or a prison sentence.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed a proclamation on Monday that requires residents and visitors who travel between islands to quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Anyone who violates the mandatory quarantine could face up to $5,000 in fines or a year in prison, if convicted.

Is it self quarantine or mandatory quarantine? What’s the difference between going to a different island and going down the street to the market? Let’s not forget

In Florida, a megachurch pastor was arrested and charged with unlawful assembly and a violation of health emergency rules for holding services for hundreds of churchgoers. A Louisiana pastor who held services and said the virus was a political ploy was hit with similar charges.

Police have broken up weddings and house parties in New Jersey and charged hosts with disorderly conduct. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said residents who violate the stay-at-home order could face a misdemeanor charge or be jailed for up to a year.

And to Laredo

(The Blaze) City leaders in Laredo, Texas, have moved to criminalize the act of entering a public building without a facial covering amid the coronavirus pandemic. Violators of the order face arrest and a fine of up to $1,000.

The Laredo City Council passed a mandate obtained by Reuters dictating that beginning Thursday, “all persons over the age of five (5) are required to wear some form of covering over their nose and mouth, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief, when: entering into or inside of any building open to the public; when using public transportation, taxis, or ride shares; or when pumping gas.”

“The penalty for a violation of this section shall be a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000.00,” the order read.

This is at least something passed by a duly elected legislative body specifically, rather than an executive pronouncement. But, is there Constitutional authority? How about statutory authority from the state and/or federal level? That applies to all. At least the Laredo one really makes sense.

The Times reported that concern was expressed during the council’s meeting that the fines attached to the new order might be too steep, particularly for citizens impacted by the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus epidemic. To that, Councilman George Altgelt replied, “I’d rather bury them in debt than bury them in a coffin.”

Criminals are super enthused that law enforcement is being distracted.

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UK Government Unveils Sweeping Vision Of Future Travel To Tackle Hotcoldwetdry

Of course, this vision only applies to you little people, not the government officials and big time Warmists

Government unveils ‘unprecedented’ vision of future travel in bid to tackle climate crisis

The government has quietly published an ambitious plan for how it will revolutionise UK transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight the climate crisis.

The report comes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and has appeared on the Department for Transport website without any fanfare.

But its aims have been described as “unprecedented” and campaigners have said it “pulls no punches” in its assessment of where the UK is and where it needs to be to improve health and make daily life more efficient.

At the core of the report is the recognition that the UK must act decisively to reduce its emissions, and instead of depending on cars to the extent we do now, the government must deliver policies making walking, cycling and public transport our main means of travel.

In his introduction to the report, transport minister Grant Shapps said: “Public transport and active travel will be the natural first choice for our daily activities. We will use our cars less and be able to rely on a convenient, cost-effective and coherent public transport network.” (snip)

“Transport is the biggest source of carbon emissions, and private cars cause the lion’s share. Electric vehicles aren’t the solution.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh? They’ll try and slip this through, essentially making the little people rely on buses, walking, trains, and bikes, while restricting ownership and usage of cars and planes.

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If All You See…

…are trees that are blooming earlier because Other People use electricity, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post on some good news.

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Police State: Seattle Police Chief Wants People To Call 911 If They Hear “Racist Name Calling”

The Seattle police department certainly has better things to do, don’t you think, than dealing with name calling, right? Besides this violating the Washington and federal Constitutions

Seattle Police Chief: Call 911 if You Hear ‘Racist Name-Calling’

Law enforcement officials in Seattle are cracking down on hate crimes and urging residents to call 911 over “racist name-calling.”

Police Chief Carmen Best and former KING 5 reporter Lori Matsukawa put out a video on Monday claiming there is zero tolerance for hate crimes against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Washington state is no place for hate,” Best said in the video.

“We will document and investigate every reported crime, even racist name-calling should be reported to police,” she said. “We take this information very seriously.”

She urged, “If you aren’t sure a hate crime occurred, call 911. We’re here to help and we’ll respond to investigate.”

“There’s no place for that in our community,” Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett told K5 News.

Sorry, but mean words are still covered by the Constitution. But, one has to wonder why there’s so much of a problem with this in uber-leftist Seattle, which voted 92%-8% for Hillary over Trump.

Does this cover if someone says Wuhan virus or China virus? Don’t forget this one

(Daily Wire) The University of California system, bowing to current political correctness, has issued a “guidance document” prepared by its Council of Chief Diversity Officers that instructs campus decision makers, faculty, administrators, students and staff not to use the term “Chinese virus” to describe COVID-19, the coronavirus whose beginnings have largely been attributed to Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in Communist China.

Titled, “Equity and Inclusion during COVID-19,” the document begins by admonishing its readers to “Reject racism, sexism, xenophobia and all hateful or intolerant speech, both in person and online. Be an ‘up-stander,’ and discourage others from engaging in such behavior.” It continues, “Do not use terms such as ‘Chinese Virus’ or other terms which cast either intentional or unintentional projections of hatred toward Asian communities, and do not allow the use of these terms by others. Refer to the virus as either ‘COVID-19’ or ‘coronavirus’ in both oral and written communications.”

These are the things wackos worry about. You’d think with a real crisis their fake stuff would disappear, but, nope. The free speech group FIRE wonders about the use of “do not” and whether there are penalties for this, which violates the US and California constitutions.

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Who’s Up For Labels On “Climate Killing Products”?

Does anyone who smokes ever look at the warning labels on packs of cigarettes? Or on cans/packs of dip and chew? Do they do anything to warn people away? The Cult of Climastrology can’t help themselves in pushing silliness

Climate-killing products should come with smoking-style warnings

Cigarette packets with grisly warnings of the consequences of smoking are intended to deter smokers. Now a group of public health experts says similar warnings should appear on high-carbon products, from airline tickets and energy bills to petrol pumps, to show consumers the health impacts of the climate crisis.

Warning labels would be a cheap but potentially highly effective intervention that would make consumers aware of the impact of their purchases on climate breakdown, according to the experts.

“Warning labels connect the abstract threat of the climate emergency with the use of fossil fuels in the here and now, drawing attention to the true cost of fossil fuels pictorially or quantitatively,” they write in the British Medical Journal. “They sensitise people to the consequences of their actions, representing nudges designed to encourage users to choose alternatives to fossil fuels, thus increasing demand for zero-carbon renewable energy.”

Interesting that these public health nags aren’t named, and, really, what alternatives are there for filling our fossil fueled vehicles? Take the bus? A lot easier said then done in certain places, and, do these nags take the bus? Buy an electric vehicle? Who has a minimum of $38 (plus taxes and fees) lying around for a base of base Tesla? I guess you could go with a tiny little Nissan Leaf or something. Or, you could spend around $23k on a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla with lots and lots of features and a low cost of ownership which can easily get you 200k miles. No one really knows the length a pure electric will go, and the cost of ownership of a Leaf and others is way above that of a Civic or Corolla, and their 36 and 60 month residual values are in the toilet. Even hybrids have low residuals, because people who buy used are concerned with how long the batteries will last.

High-carbon health labels could be similarly graphic, especially if they highlighted the damage to health from air pollution caused by fossil fuels, such as the exhaust gases from diesel vehicles. They could include pictures of damaged lungs, or highlight severe weather such as flooding, or show the bodies of people who have died because of heatwaves, said Mike Gill, a former regional director of public health for south-east England, and a co-author of the letter.

In some countries, messages could include the increased spread of dengue fever and malaria driven by global heating, while there should also be scope to warn about the effects of environmental degradation caused by climate breakdown, and the harmful effects on water and food supplies, he added.

These wankers don’t just want the labels on pumps, but for commercials and ads. And

(deadline) Warning labels should be displayed on petrol pumps, energy bills, and airline tickets to encourage consumers to question their own use of fossil fuels, say health experts in The BMJ today.

You know what I want a label for? I want one slapped on Warmists and Warmist groups who refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral. Perhaps it could be in the form of a sticker that says “climahypocrite” on the sides and rear of the vehicle. It could be on the license plate. They’d be require to wear some sort of sign at the airport. Once again, I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis in their own lives.

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President Trump Tops Handsy Joe On Economy, Bat Soup Virus Response

And just wait till the economy come roaring back prior to the election

(Breitbart) 43 percent of Americans trust Joe Biden to handle the coronavirus crisis, compared to 45 percent who said the same about President Trump.

There was not a lot of good news for Slow Joe Biden in this week’s Washington Post/ABC News poll. The presumptive Democrat nominee does top Trump 49 to 47 percent in a general election matchup, but look at the environment…

Biden is pristine. Hiding in his basement. Hiding in a bubble where he’s fawned over by interviewers like Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, and Nicole Wallace. At this point, he’s exactly what everyone wants him to be, whatever you want to project onto him you can project onto him.

Biden’s facing no challenges. The media will not ask him tough questions. He has yet to explain his opposition to Trump’s January 31 travel ban, which stopped hundreds of thousands of travelers from epidemic areas from entering our country. Both Biden and the media — Biden as late as March 12! — attacked these bans as xenophobic and racist.

And let’s not forget that no one in the media is asking Handsy Joe about all his brain freezes and even weirder than normal for Joe gaffes. And Trump, as the article notes, is too busy to campaign, nor respond to all the leftist corporate dollars being spent, along with all the yammering from Democrats and Hollyweird folks, meant to harm Trump and destroy the economy. Despite all that

This poll also shows that only 42 percent of voters trust Joe to handle the economy, while 50 percent trust Trump. And currently, despite the ramifications shutting down our economy is having, 57 percent still approve of Trump’s handling of the economy.

Ouch. A lot of people must remember the crummy job Joe did being VP for a guy who did a crummy job on the economy.

Enthusiasm is another weak spot for the Serial Young Girl-Sniffer. Only 24 percent of Democrats are enthusiastic about Biden, the lowest number in the history of this poll. Meanwhile, 53 percent of Trump voters are “highly enthusiastic.”

Ouch again. It’ll probably be another situation like 2004, where Democrats weren’t voting for John Kerry, but against George Bush (how many where voting against Hillary, rather than for Trump? That’s what I did in 2016, but I’ll be voting whole-heartedly for him this time). But, how many will switch to Trump this time? How many will just not bother to vote? How many regular Democrat will vote but not pick Biden, but still won’t go for Trump? That’s a win for Trump. He gets his regular votes, but Joe doesn’t get his.

Climate change, gun rights, illegal immigration, etc and so forth are all much lower ranking issues. Even health care is lower. The economy is what it breaks down to. If it is still tanked in November, Trump loses. If it is running, Trump wins.

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ZOMG, Amazon Fired Worker For Staging Walkout Or Something

Here’s the HuffPost

Amazon Worker Fired After Staging Walkout Over Company’s Handling Of Coronavirus Risk

Amazon fired an employee who helped organize a walkout at one of its fulfillment centers over the company’s response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on Monday.

Chris Smalls, the employee who helped organize the demonstration, said he felt Amazon had failed to enact adequate measures to protect workers at the facility as many Americans turn to online shopping as stay-at-home mandates expand around the country. Smalls was one of a small group who walked out at a fulfillment center on Staten Island, demanding the company close the site and sanitize it before reopening. He said Amazon had notified employees at the warehouse of one confirmed case of the virus but claimed there were several others that hadn’t yet been reported.

Shortly after the strike, Smalls was terminated after working at Amazon for five years.

“Amazon would rather fire workers than face up to its total failure to do what it should to keep us, our families, and our communities safe,” Smalls said in a statement obtained by HuffPost. “I am outraged and disappointed, but I’m not shocked. As usual, Amazon would rather sweep a problem under the rug than act to keep workers and working communities safe.”


Amazon fires warehouse worker who led Staten Island warehouse walkout

Amazon has terminated an employee based in the company’s Staten Island, New York, warehouse after he participated in a worker walkout protesting the company’s response to the novel coronavirus.

And Bloomberg

Amazon Fires Worker Who Led Strike Over Virus


In a statement Monday night, New York State Attorney General Letitia James called Smalls’ firing “immoral and inhumane.” James urged the National Labor Relations Board to investigate the incident and said her office “is considering all legal options” as well.

So many others go with this same type of headline, and a trip through Twitter shows people freaking, like

Read More »

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If All You See…

…is an area that stops fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Blogs For Victory, with a post on being bored.

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