UC Santa Cruz “Pro-Palestinians” Demand Boycott Of Jewish Groups

Remember, we’ve been confidently told that this is all about Israel being mean and the poor, downtrodden Palestinians being killed and starving, it’s totally not about Jew hatred

Pro-Palestinian ‘Encampment’ Demands Boycott of Jewish Groups at UC Santa Cruz

An encampment launched by Students of Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of California Santa Cruz has issued starkly antisemitic demands that include the university severing ties with Jewish community organizations.

SJP set up its “encampment” on campus on Thursday, joining an effort that has seen dozens of campuses taken over by activists calling for the destruction of Israel, demanding the abolition of police, and slamming the United States.

The City on a Hill Press, the student-run weekly paper at UC Santa Cruz, reported that the activists were acting on instructions from overseas (emphasis added):

UC Divest organized the rally, and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) of Santa Cruz, with the support of SJP National, are operating the encampment. Although the events were not  explicitly linked, there was overlap among participants, with the workers’ rally expressing unity with Palestine.

Our SJP local is answering a call which came down from the SJP National, which came down from organizers in Palestine and in the Palestinian Youth Movement,” said Dax, a participant and media representative for the encampment.

The pro-Hamas kiddies, acting on orders from what are certainly Islamist groups overseas, want the school to cut ties with the Hellen Diller foundation, Koret foundation, Israel Institute and Hillel International, four leading Jewish organizations. But, totally not anti-Semitic

Leaked Students for Justice in Palestine texts show support for massacres of Israelis

Texts written by Boston University students belonging to the university’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) organization chapter show them enthusiastically celebrating the October 7 massacre on the day it occurred, according to leaked texts obtained by N12.

During the discussion, some students called the Hamas terrorists “freedom fighters” and hoped that the situation would erupt into a genocidal war against Israel.

Several students voiced active support for violent Palestinian “resistance,” saying slogans such as “Long live the intifada!” (snip)

The correspondence between the students in the group indicate consistent positions that support the violent Palestinian “resistance,” as early as 2021, the same year as Operation Guardian of the Walls. The group’s members sent messages that read “Long live the intifada” and those that glorified the first intifada, according to N12.

The group (it’s a very long article, but, if you really want to know how all this works, well worth the read) was founded in 2001 at the U of Berkeley, almost certainly backed using the Muslim Brotherhood playbook, much like the Muslim Student Association. In fact, a primary founder, Hatem Bazian was the president of the MSA at Berkeley. They initially pushed hatred of Israel, then moved on to making 1st World American student hate Jews. They very much want a one state solution, ie, eradicating Israel and replacing it with an Islamist nation. The Anti-Defamation League notes

Numerous SJP chapters released inflammatory statements in support of Palestinians seizing control of Israeli territory, including some which explicitly endorse the use of violence and attacks on civilians.  “We reject the distinction between ‘civilian’ and ‘militant.’ We reject the distinction between ‘settler’ and ‘soldier,’” The George Washington University SJP wrote. “A settler is an aggressor, a soldier, and an occupier even if they are lounging on our occupied beaches.” The SJP chapter of CUNY Law shared, “If you support Palestine understand that necessitates supporting our right to defend ourselves and liberate our homeland by any means necessary.”

These are not peaceful people, yet, they are allowed to operate at American universities. They lost their free speech rights when they advocated for violence.

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One Response to “UC Santa Cruz “Pro-Palestinians” Demand Boycott Of Jewish Groups”

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve said it before: while it is technically possible for people to be opposed to Israeli government policies and Zionism without being anti-Semites, it’s not an intellectual trick I’ve ever seen intellectually accomplished.

    Younger minds are more easily swayed, and college students are right at the age where they are most easily led by the rings they wear in their noses. Calls for ‘action’ become calls for extreme action, calls for violent action. And while generalized calls for violence — resist and attack Israel, or even bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran! — may not violate the law, because they are not direct threats to immediately present individuals, we have seen how these things have been turned into direct intimidation and threats against American Jews present on campus.

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