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If All You See…

…is a sea that is rising up and requires homes built on stilts, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Greatness, with a post on Brandon pledging to go after guns during MLK, Jr day event. Totally forgot to his schedule this morning

NPR Has A Kids’ Guide To Climate Crisis (scam)

No, no, this is definitely all about the science, not indoctrination via comics A kid’s guide to climate change (plus a printable comic) Are you a kid — or do you know a kid — who is learning about climate change? It can be hard to know where to start. So we made a guide […]

Surprise: A Bunch Of Celebs Came Down With COVID After Golden Globes

These are the people who constantly say to get vaxxed and boosted, and, as Good Little Liberals, do it themselves, right? It Might Be Time to Mask Up at Award Shows Here’s hoping your favorite celebs attending the Critics Choice Awards tonight wear masks. Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic and it seems Hollywood is […]

Maybe Not Your Fault: Collapse Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Not Inevitable

This is good news from the Cult of Climastrology, I guess Runaway W. Antarctic ice sheet collapse not ‘inevitable’: study The runaway collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet — which would trigger catastrophic sea level rise — is not “inevitable”, scientists said Monday following research that tracked the region’s recent response to climate change. […]

Super Racist San Francisco To Give Blacks Up To $5 Million Each In “Reparations”

Have fun with those tax increases, residents of Democratic Party run San Francisco. But, you don’t mind paying, because you’re all super racist, right? San Fran’s reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness San Francisco’s reparations committee has proposed paying each Black longtime resident $5 million and granting total […]

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