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The Meaning Of the Waters Of The US Regulations

I’ve mentioned the Brandon admin’s EPA trotting out their Big Massive Government Waters of The US rule ahead of a Supreme Court decision a few times, to go with a few times while Brandon was Obama’s VP. Perhaps it’s time for an explanation of how bad this is Biden backs his administration into a puddle […]

If All You See…

…is an area turning to desert from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report, with a post on the J6 committee sealing all important videos and documents for 50 years.

COVID Forever: New Strains Are Most Transmissible Ever

It never ends New Covid strain is the most transmissible yet, WHO says The coronavirus Omicron strain XBB.1.5, which has become the dominant strain in the U.S. in just a matter of weeks, could drive a new wave of cases, a World Health Organization official told reporters Wednesday. “We are concerned about its growth advantage, […]

It’s Time For The GOP To Get Serious About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Isn’t it wonderful when people who don’t vote Republican, don’t support Republicans, work uber-hard to oppose Republicans and make sure they lose elections, who stand against everything Republicans stand for (except when it comes to their own personal freedom, free speech, ability to make money, travel in fossil fueled vehicles and planes, and have government […]

Brandon Claims He Will Visit The Border

Of course, he says lots of things, most of which he doesn’t understand, and many which no one who’s listening can understand Biden says it’s his ‘intention’ to visit US-Mexico border amid historic crisis President Biden says it’s his “intention” to visit the U.S-Mexico border amid a record high number of border crossings, according to […]

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