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Warmism Is Really About Bored Bourgeoisie

This is really where it all starts: the Elites, who then convince the peasants that this stuff is uber-important, so they should think that Something Must Be Done. I’m actually rather shocked that Newsweek allowed this piece to be published Climate Activism Isn’t About the Planet. It’s About the Boredom of the Bourgeoisie | Opinion […]

If All You See…

…is horrible Bad Weather heatsnow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on UK EV sales falling, as people can’t afford to charge them.

NYC Mayor Visits Border, Says Federal Government Needs To Do More

See, Eric Adams, mayor of sanctuary city New York, is upset that illegal aliens are being sent to his city, whining at Texas gov Greg Abbott (R) and Colorado gov Jared Polis (D) for that Democrat NYC Mayor Adams calls on federal government to play more proactive role to secure border New York City Mayor […]

Climate Cult Wants Carbon Limits Placed On Every Person

Of course, the Elites would be exempt Great Reset: Individual CO2 Limits Needed to Fight Climate Change, Says German Scientist An individual carbon dioxide limit should be applied to every person in order to establish a “planetary guardrail” in the effort to combat allegedly man-made climate change, a leading German scientist has argued. Hans Joachim […]

NY Times Wonders How Biden Got All Those Classified Documents

Of course, the NY Times is showing their extreme neutral journalism by…not having any article about Biden’s documents issue on their web front page as of Sunday evening, and only one article way, way down the page for Sunday morning. Not unsurprising, a lot of other Credentialed Media outlets are minimizing their coverage. Now, just […]

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