NYC Mayor Visits Border, Says Federal Government Needs To Do More

See, Eric Adams, mayor of sanctuary city New York, is upset that illegal aliens are being sent to his city, whining at Texas gov Greg Abbott (R) and Colorado gov Jared Polis (D) for that

Democrat NYC Mayor Adams calls on federal government to play more proactive role to secure border

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday called on the federal government to play a bigger role in addressing the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border that is overwhelming city officials.

The Democratic mayor was in El Paso this weekend to survey the border and meet with his counterparts to discuss how the crisis is impacting the community.

The trip comes after the mayor said on Friday that the Big Apple is at its “breaking point” as record numbers of migrants continue to arrive. Adams submitted an emergency mutual aid request to New York state for immediate help this weekend to shelter the asylum seekers.

Speaking at a Sunday afternoon press conference alongside El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, Adams said New York City wasn’t pointing at any border city in particular for exacerbating the problem.

“We’re pointing the finger … at our national government,” Adams said. “This is a national problem. We must have real immigration reform, and we must immediately have a short-term fix of making sure that the cost of this does not fall on our local cities.”

He is sort of correct. We do need reform, changing the laws so that any illegal caught is immediately deported, rather than being allowed to hang out in the U.S. while going through the process of seeing if they qualify for asylum, which most do not. And requiring that all applying for asylum do so outside of the U.S. Implementing changes that end all the incentives for people to come to the U.S. illegally.

As far as cost falling on local cities, well, NYC is a sanctuary city. I thought they welcomed illegals and loved them? No?

Migrants exploiting border wall gaps contaminate crops, threaten nation’s food security, Arizona farmers say

The border crisis is jeopardizing the nation’s food security as migrants trespass through farmland, contaminating crops, two Arizona farmers with fields near the southern border told Fox News.

“There’s obviously a food safety concern because our fields are monitored and audited and tested for different pathogens,” Pasquinelli Produce Company President Alex Muller told Fox News. “If there’s somebody that walks into our field and then we don’t know about why we put up flags and kind of mark it out and we don’t harvest that.”

“That hits the bottom line,” Muller said. “It’s not sustainable. It’s not good for the country.”

Yuma — the country’s agricultural leader in leafy green production during the winter months — provides about 90% of the nation’s supply of romaine and iceberg lettuce, according to the Department of Agriculture. It supplies around 9 billion servings of leafy greens per year, but farmers fear they will lose crops as more migrants pass through the border wall’s gaps and into their fields.

The Constitution tasks the Congress with protecting the border, and the Executive Branch is tasked with enforcing the laws passed. They are failing.

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