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The Horror: Google Let Daily Wire Advertise On “Climate Change Is A Hoax” Searches

Seriously, this is a thing that is getting the UK Guardian bent out of shape over? How about all those Elites taking private fossil fueled jets to climate meetings? Google let Daily Wire advertise on ‘climate change is a hoax’ searches A media outlet founded by conservative influencer Ben Shapiro paid Google to advertise on search pages […]

If All You See…

…is a dusty sky from carbon pollution Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Project Veritas stinging Pfizer.

Good News: NIH Didn’t Adequately Track Funding To Wuhan

Well, gee wiz, didn’t government officials, like Anthony Fauci, claim that there was nothing bad going on with the NIH funding China on research, that there was no gain of research happening? ‘Extremely disconcerting’: NIH didn’t track U.S. funds going to Chinese virus research, watchdog finds The National Institutes of Health failed to provide adequate […]

Washington Representative Notes Climate Crisis (scam) Bill Will Increase Cost Of Living

Guess who gets to pay the price for Government climate apocalypse bills? It’s not the Elites, especially those who pass the bills (560KPQ) A local legislator is speaking out against a proposed climate change bill that would impose new requirements on cities and counties across Washington State. Supporters of the bill say it’s a step […]

And Now Ukraine Wants Fighter Jets

This just keeps getting better and better, considering Ukraine hasn’t even received any tanks yet and won’t for months. Meaning this war will just keep going and going Ukraine sets sights on fighter jets after securing tank supplies Ukraine will now push for Western fourth generation fighter jets such as the U.S. F-16 after securing […]

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