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Harry And Meghan -Peak Victimhood Culture

Back in 2015 Conor Friedersdorf wrote this piece for the Atlantic The Rise of Victimhood Culture A recent scholarly paper on “microaggressions” uses them to chart the ascendance of a new moral code in American life. … When conflicts occur, sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning observe in an insightful new scholarly paper, aggrieved parties can […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful jungle sucking carbon pollution from the sky, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on the media lying over Biden’s immigration “pivot”.

Surprise: Eco-Weenies Try And Stop Lithium Mine Needed For Biden’s EV Push

I told you this would happen, namely that the same people who were super excited about Biden trying to force everyone into EVs would also work hard to stop mining necessary to build the EVs (via Greenie Watch) Biden Agenda Collides with Liberal Sacred Cows Over Nevada Lithium Mine Opponents of the largest lithium mine […]

Coastal Residents Who Aren’t Leaving Say The Ocean Is Coming For Them

It’s a funny thing: so many of the same Leftist whining about sea rise doom from ‘climate change’ are buying homes at the shore/not moving away Coastal residents on climate change: “The ocean’s coming for you” Thirty years ago Jim Hartshorne looked out at the endless expanse of blue water and decided North Carolina’s Outer […]

Biden Spends A Few Hours At The Border Area, Bolts Off For Next Thing

This is after the city of El Paso worked hard to clean up all the homeless and illegal aliens on the streets for better TV optics Biden departs El Paso after brief border visit without seeing most impacted areas, critics say President Biden departed El Paso Sunday afternoon following a brief visit to the border […]

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