NPR Has A Kids’ Guide To Climate Crisis (scam)

No, no, this is definitely all about the science, not indoctrination via comics

A kid’s guide to climate change (plus a printable comic)

Are you a kid — or do you know a kid — who is learning about climate change?

It can be hard to know where to start. So we made a guide about how it’s changing the planet and how to deal with the big feelings you might have when you hear about it. Click here to print a paper version of this comic at home or in your classroom, and here’s more information about how we made this.

Insanity like

Weirdly, there is nothing in this about giving up your own use of fossil fuels, despite a previous page Blaming the minor increase in global temperatures in 170 years on fossil fuels

Why we made this
Over the years we’ve created resources for how parents can talk to their kids about climate change. This time we wanted to make something specifically for kids as they’re processing their feelings. We also wanted to create a free resource for parents or teachers to use who are looking for ways to help their kids understand how the planet is changing.

Who this is for
This comic is intended for kids ages 6-12, who are starting to hear about climate change or are starting to

Nice to know that government funded “news” is working hard to indoctrinate children.

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4 Responses to “NPR Has A Kids’ Guide To Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    It seems like the materials are all bout turning your kids into activists instead of productive members of society.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Nice to know that government funded “news” is working hard

    NPR receives 5% of its funding from the government.

    minor increase in global temperatures

    The current increase in temperature and the projections will be the most extreme since human civilizations evolved. So not so minor.

    there is nothing in this about giving up your own use of fossil fuels

    Do these kids (6-12 yrs) use a lot of fossil fuels?

  3. Michael in Canada says:

    This is the first thing we have seen that suggests thinking about how to adapt to climate change, rather than how to fight it (and presumably achieve some sort of homeostasis…with the biggest engine on the planet, no less).

    The climate is always changing… the earth is not stable, nor sessile, nor fixed. With so little understanding of the systems involved, and most importantly the way in which those systems interact, it’s a supreme act of disingenuousness to suggest that humans and only those are to blame.

    If things are changing, and there is ample evidence that this is the case, we need to decide how best to adapt to those changes, since ‘fighting’ them involves geoengineering on a simply ridiculous scale.

    With all the graft and money involved in this, there is little wonder that so many people who should know better are onboard with the various agendas… What a mess.

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