DOJ Releases Some With Black Marks Giving Unknown Rational For Mar-O-Lago Raid

This totally helps, right?

It’s very. very, silly

(Breitbart) The Department of Justice (DOJ) affidavit seeking the search warrant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raid on former President Donald Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, was unsealed by a federal judge Friday afternoon.

The affidavit, signed by a special agent with the FBI, contends that after reviewing 15 boxes of material that Trump handed over voluntarily to the government, the DOJ determined that classified information had not been stored properly and that there might be more of it at Mar-a-Lago. “The FBI’s investigation has established that documents bearing classification markings, which appear to contain National Defense Information (NDI), were among the materials contained in the FIFTEEN BOXES and were stored at the PREMISES in an unauthorized location,” the affidavit said.

“Further, there is probable cause to believe that additional documents that contain classified NDI or that are Presidential records subject to record retention requirements currently remain at the PREMISES. There is also probable cause to believe that evidence of obstmction will be found at the PREMISES.”

This was so concerning that the FBI took 7 days to raid MOL after the warrant was signed. And they were Very Concerned that some of the boxes were poorly organized. Seriously.

But, my favorite part was about how they were not stored properly. Something which the FBI knew about, and could simply have provided guidance to Trump and his people. There was apparently no need to raid MOL since late January 2021. And there was no need now. If they were that concerned, they could have popped in for a frank discussion on how to store them properly. A dawn raid with dozens of agents toting actual military grade weapons, searching Melania’s closet, making a big show for the news media, it was optics for the unhinged Democrat base

The agent did not personally know that there was defense-related information in the documents with alleged classification marking, but said that “[b]ased on my training and experience, I know that documents classified at these levels typically contain NDI.”

So, the judge signed off based on a crystal ball reading? Oh, more fun

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11 Responses to “DOJ Releases Some With Black Marks Giving Unknown Rational For Mar-O-Lago Raid”

  1. Down on the Corner says:

    This is a simple exercise. They have nothing on Trump.

    They intend to keep this up in the air until well after the 2022 midterms and most likely they will keep lying to the US populace by leaking(FALSE) information well into 2023 and 2024.

    Just like the AG of NY has had a grand jury investigating Trump for 4 years now and leaking information detrimental to the president that is wholly untrue. Yet nothing. No criminal charges against him. Nothing but leaked lies to hurt the GOP.

    They found it so exhilarating to destroy TRUMP with lie after lie after lie that even to this day you can find leftists(DOWD, hairy) who actually believe the lies about Trump that they spread and leak daily.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Even though the search discovered highly classified resources in an insecure location, Teach tRump feel the legal search was not justified! And Teach implies that the judge didn’t have access to the unredacted affidavit, LOL.

    It’s likely that some of the highly classified documents revealed overseas human sources (i.e., embedded spies). How would tRump benefit from stealing this documents?

    Out of fear of the violent right, it’s most likely federal prosecutors will reach a “deal” with the tRump Klan, keeping the Teflon Don out of an orange jumpsuit.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Rimjob: Even though the search discovered highly classified resources in an insecure location, …

      According to who, dipshit?
      Were they among Melania’s panties?

      Such a tool.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        “Even though the search discovered highly classified resources in an insecure location,”

        Really? And where did you get that information from? Any classified docs in Trumps possession are, by law and by precedent, no longer classified. He was getting them ready for the archives or the Library. Just like Obama. He has 7 years (I think) to hold such before placement.

        You are using lawfare to fish for a crime. You are DESTROYING OUR DEMOCRACY by doing all these illegal, immoral and unconstitutional acts not only to Trump but to people held in DC prison and citizens subject to one sided kangaroo courts, inquisitions and harassments.

        If you can’t win honestly you should be ashamed of yourself and your party.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          “Shame” from Rimjob???


        • The Liberal but not libertarian Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Commenter: Any classified docs in Trumps possession are, by law and by precedent, no longer classified.

          Not exactly. Ex-presidents cannot declassify classified documents. DonJon is claiming he declassified everything while he was president but there isn’t any evidence to support his claim. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if they were classified or not – it was illegal.

          There are legal procedures for securing documents for a library, just like Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton followed. Taking boxes of documents and hiding them in your basement is not part of the process as DonJon found out.

          If DonJon had pleaded inexperience and ignorance when he got caught, and had returned everything when asked, he could have avoided this crisis. But I have a sneaking suspicion that crisis is what Kaptain Kaos kraves.

          Commenter: You are DESTROYING OUR DEMOCRACY

          Your cabal claims we are not a democracy but rather a Constitutional Republic where votes hardly matter.

          Commenter: people held in DC prison and citizens subject to one sided kangaroo courts

          Fewer than 40 arrestees from the Jan 6 insurrection, deemed a risk to go free, are still in jail.

          • James Lewis says:

            Dear Elwood:

            Fewer than 40???

            Wow. They must be really dangerous. Snark snark

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Yes, most are charged with assaulting officers, others of conspiracy. Many are members of violent right-wing gangs. When they are convicted or finally plead guilty they’ll get credit for time served.

            Then President tRump, responsible for the attack, chose not to pardon any of his violent supporters.

          • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

            First ya friggin moron when I typed YOU ARE DESTROYING OUR DEMOCRACXY I was making fun of you people and being sarcastic. Why do you think it’s YOU DEMOCRACY but nobody else?

            Are you claiming we are NOT a constitutional republic? Huh? Are ya? You’re a denier again.

            “Fewer than 40 arrestees from the Jan 6 insurrection, deemed a risk to go free, are still in jail.”

            Really? They are more dangerous than murderers that are set free almost daily? Who did they murder? But the best part is that you think it’s okay to hole AMERICANS INDEFINATELY if some LE drone says so? How long can they hold them in jail Elwood without a trial. And if these were democommies arrested for burning down cities and killing people would they still be in jail? Would you want leftist like you held in jail without a trial?

            Not only are you plain stupid but you are a tyrant. You are another leftist freedom denier.


    • Facts Matter says:

      YOU mean like the 33,000 emails HRC destroyed and was never even given a slap on the wrist?

      You mean like the Top Secret files that were found on HRC’s Private Bathroom SERVER while she was actually in office as the Sec of STATE? You mean like the maid for HRC handling top secret documents for HRC cause she was too queenly to rise from her chair and get them herself.

      You mean like Hunter Biden’s laptop that has compromising documents?

      You mean like Anthony Weiner who had HRC files on his laptop that he was using to bang underage girls while married to the chief lawyer and counselor for HRC?

      How come they did not raid HRC’s residence? How come the aids who SMASHED BLACKBERRY PHONES were never even given a reprimand but if Trump sneezes he is spreading the virus and should be impeached?

      Don’t speak your crap Dowd. You are exactly like the Big Pod Caster Influencer who pronounced that ABSOLUTELY the RUSSIAN COLLUSION WAS A CONSPIRACY to rid the country of TRUMP.

      YES no doubt that these documents, secured in Trumps mansion with the Secret service guarding them and with locks on the boxes are in danger of revealing state secrets 2 years after Trump is no longer president………….



      No one with an ounce of grey matter between their ears believes any of the leaks coming from the FEDERAL BUREAU of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. Everyone knows that Trump is the subject of even some of the republicans and all democrats going after him because he is willing to crush the status quo which is SELF ENRICHMENT BY LEFT AND RIGHT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE.

      Nothing more can be evidence than Dowd defending big Pharma because at the time it hurt Trump. I rest my case. Trump is not guilty of anything every other president including Obama, Clinton and FDR we not guilty of doing. The difference is Obama went in with the promise to be an uniter and the most transparent admin in forever and immediately TOWED THE LINE TO THE POWER THAT ACTUALLY RUNS THIS COUNTRY and that ain’t elected officials.

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