Your Fault: U.S. To Soon Have “Extreme Heat Belts” Or Something

By soon, they mean 2053. Unless you are forced to pay a tax and take out long loans for an EV

A quarter of the U.S. will fall inside an extreme heat belt. Here are the states in the red zone.

Last month, just as record-setting heat waves scorched the U.K. and parts of Europe, some 60 million Americans experienced a string of hot and humid days that topped 100 degrees.

Prepare for more of these extremes.

New research and an accompanying planning tool show that across the U.S., on average, the local hottest 7 days are expected to become the hottest 18 days by 2053.

By that year, 1,023 U.S. counties are expected to exceed 125°F, an area that is home to 107.6 million Americans and covers a quarter of the U.S. land area, says nonprofit First Street.

First Street on Monday released the latest installment of a tool called Risk Factor that’s accessible free of charge, and increasingly incorporated into real estate listings, specifically through a partnership with

Here’s what it looks like, per the pain in the butt formatted Axios piece, with all their bullet points, which have to be changed up to work with WordPress. The graphic is interactive at the link

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that most of those areas vote Republican, right? They aren’t trying to bring the scaremongering in a way to influence Republicans, right? Hopefully it means Liberals will stay away

According to First Street, the most severe shift in local temperatures is found in Miami-Dade county in Florida where the seven hottest days, currently at 103°F, will increase to 34 days at that same temperature by 2053.


What’s more, the First Street model finds 50 counties, home to 8.1 million residents, are expected to experience temperatures above 125°F in 2023, the highest level of the National Weather Services’ heat index.

So, next year? Who’s held responsible for the scaremongering? Who is held responsible at news organizations publishing this doomsaying with zero pushback, zero accountability, zero skepticism, zero making them prove it? Will all the news outlets publishing this follow up to see the results next year?

By 2053, 1,023 counties, about 25% of the total U.S., are expected to exceed 125°F. This emerging area, concentrated in a geographic region that First Street calls the “extreme heat belt,” stretches from the northern Texas and Louisiana borders to Illinois, Indiana, and even into Wisconsin.

The piece is sorta leaving out that it will be the heat index, not the actual temperature. It’s very convenient using a timeframe that no one will remember. Much seems arbitrary. Why Wilson, Durham, Harnett, Nash, and Orange counties yes in 2053, but, not Wake, right in the middle of them? Which has a higher population, higher growth, and more urbanization and suburbanization?

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5 Responses to “Your Fault: U.S. To Soon Have “Extreme Heat Belts” Or Something”

  1. According to that map, our Sage from St Louis will be seeing those heat indices of 125º F, while the Brilliant Man from the Bluegrass State will not.

    Of course, my 100th birthday is in 2053, so there’s a fairly strong possibility that I won’t be around to see it.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Fortunately, that map along with their BS predictions, models and and other quackery are guesstimates created by highly paid non climate scientists at leftist universities to keep the grant money flowing. It’s all crap. They keep looking at weather events and decreeing climate change. That’s like looking at your car and predicting the trans will die in 10,000 miles. It’s BS.


  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Conspiratorial Teach typed: I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that most of those areas vote Republican, right? They aren’t trying to bring the scaremongering in a way to influence Republicans, right?

    Yes, it’s all about Republicans, right? LOL. Anyway, here in middle America it’s 68º F today, proving that global warming is over!!

    The real question is why does God hate the Mississippi River valley where so many of us hillbillies live??

    To the Kingpin of Kentucky, we can celebrate our century milestone together in either 125º F MO or 120º F KY. Mazel tov!!

  3. bill says:

    The press and the global warming crowd deliberately suppress the fact that Antarctica has had record cold, snow and ice accumulation for decades. The last few years, Antarctica cold, snow and ice have hit record numbers. The number of catastrophic hurricanes and tornadoes has dwindled the last couple of decades. The oceans have not risen appreciably other than the normal waxing and waning of ice melt and evaporation cycles. If you try to google it, the first few pages will be pro global warming but when you drill down to the more reputable “scientific” sites it says no global warming. Most folks don’t even go past the first page and these hyena Globalists at google know this.

    Lastly, look up the sun-spot cycle which is an eleven year cycle. The weather patterns on earth are affected profoundly by this cycle.

    They try to explain it away with all kinds of mental gymnastics but it doesn’t pass the smell test. Funny one never hears of this, but then again suppression of reality by ideologues is commonplace.

  4. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Bill, trying to get the truth out of academia, media or government today is a fools errand. They speak to close minded brainwashed leftists only and even when caught lying just change the definition, move the goal posts or do the gobbledygook talk until the subject is so confused thinking people just walk away. And don’t even think about all the bullshit statistics they throw out. They’ve codified cooking the books. It’s like they learned off the Mafia.

    Then of course there’s the fact that they are all paid big bucks and get huge government grants to produce the approved results to their “research”. All backed up by the constant repetition in the media. You know, tell the big lie and have The View, Colbert and Maddow repeat it incessantly until it’s fact.

    Weak minded child-like leftists are the future. Well, them and fags and dykes of all shapes and sizes and genders.

    P.S. I just saw a pic of that kid who played the banjo in “Deliverance” and he’s the spitin image of pedo joe. No shit, they could be twins.


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