Florida Paper Recommends Banning All Semi-Automatic Firearms

This is one of the reasons that supporters of citizens owning firearms for protection, hunting, and sport won’t give in even on policies they agree with: because we know that the gun grabbers will want even more. That their “common sense gun reform” is just a stepping stone to even more and more restrictions, more gun grabbing

Why all semi-automatic weapons must be banned on a national basis | Opinion

It is now more than evident that it is very dangerous for a society to allow for the widespread distribution and ownership of weapons whose sole purpose is to destroy human life.

There is no mention in the Second Amendment about an individual right to own and bear arms. The purpose of the Second Amendment was to placate those former colonies (and soon to be States), who feared the potential of a federal government acting like the King they just overthrew. The bulk of the military that fought the Revolutionary War was state militias (the modern equivalent of which is the National Guard) acting under the command of federal forces.

This is not dissimilar from the current structure of our military forces. Recent interpretations of the Second Amendment by the Supreme Court are simply mental gymnastics designed to achieve a political end desired by a very vocal but small minority. Further, firearms to protect against the federal government is one of the main reasons for the 2nd Amendment. The writer is blowing up his own argument. And the 2nd did, in fact, say “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms”.

Yeah, well, that’s the way the Supreme Court interpreted the 2nd Amendment, which is pretty simply to understand, done that way on purpose. It’s also the way the Framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights thought, especially after the British government attempted to confiscated the guns of the colonists. A good chunk of Revolutionary War fighters were just average citizens, who banded together to form militias, but, would have been nowhere without their guns.

Also, militaries tend to use automatic weapons, not semi-automatic, except for those who use specialized weapons, such as sniper rifles.

The single common factor in all the recent mass shootings was the use of semi-automatic weapons (fully automatic weapons have been banned for many years). All semi-automatic weapons, both rifles and handguns, must be banned on a national basis. It is self-evident that these weapons are not needed for either personal protection or for hunting. Restrictions on the private ownership of weapons are not prohibited by the Constitution. With the elimination of semi-automatic weapons, there should also be a ban on high-capacity magazines.

These prohibitions should be coupled with a national buy-back program of semi-automatic weapons, but the refusal to sell these weapons or magazines to the government would not itself be a crime. Rather, if a crime is committed using a prohibited weapon or magazine, the owner or immediate seller of such a weapon or magazine would be equally liable for any crime committed with such weapon or magazine, regardless of who pulled the trigger. Simple, if you keep these weapons, keep them safe and locked up.

Well, good luck with this. Does Tallahassee Democrat writer Bob Reid think they can just do this with a law? One that won’t be sued into oblivion the minute it was passed? Does he think that Red states won’t immediately tell their citizens that the state will protect them? Do they think that anyone will turn in their guns? Maybe old, junky ones. Many hunters do, in fact, use semi-automatic rifles that aren’t those scary looking “assault rifles.” Many women use small, semi-automatic pistols to protect themselves. What will be left with? Revolvers and bolt action rifles. How soon till the gun grabbers come for those?

The Constitution expressly allows Congress the right and authority to dictate the jurisdiction of the federal courts. To make sure the will of a majority of U.S. citizens are implemented, Congress could remove from the jurisdiction of the federal courts the ability to rule on the constitutionality of a ban of semi-automatic weapons (similar to the removal of jurisdiction over habeas corpus during the Civil War).

The same argument the far left is making on abortion. Which, even if allowed, would not preclude the Supreme Court ruling, but, wouldn’t be allowed, since the 2nd Amendment is specifically in the Constitution.

Really, what would happen after this would be doing the same with all the other guns. And it would mean that criminals would be the ones carrying firearms of all types out and about, while law abiding citizens would have no protection. Which would also be coupled with the Democrats soft on crime policies.

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11 Responses to “Florida Paper Recommends Banning All Semi-Automatic Firearms”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    It’s an outrage and a violation of the Constitution that many states restrict magazine capacities of rifles and shotguns!

    Not to contradict our most knowledgeable host, but most hunters use bolt- or lever-action rifles. Semi-auto shotguns are much more common.

  2. Hal P says:

    All politicians that try to disarm Americans and take away civil rights should be shot. Just has the founding.

  3. Hal P says:

    As the founding fathers intended…

  4. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Why don’t these anti gun people like Dowd ever suggest removing the killers instead of everyone else’s weapons?

    Just kill the killers. The object of the 2nd amendment was also to protect us from guys like Tallahassee Democrat writer Bob Reid. There are many countries that deny their subjects (not citizens) the RTKABA. Many are mostly white so a leftist elite privileged pussy like him would fit right in. Or he could just buy himself some semi auto rifles and bitch about everyone else having guns like Dowd who has the self unaware nuts to complain about other people owning guns while he has a couple dozen and “two gun safes”.

    It really takes balls to want to deny others something because YOU believe they shouldn’t have it. Especially when it’s an enshrined right.


  5. Elwood P Dowd says:

    Enshrined like abortion access?

    • CarolAnn says:

      Exactly where in the constitution will we find “abortion access” enshrined? Right after the right to enter America illegally and collect state benefits?

  6. UnkleC says:

    As usual, another lefty move to disarm the citizens in order to protect their criminal base and ease the situation for the totalitarian takeover.
    The RIGHT of the People to Keep and Bear Arms is enshrined in the Constitution. I have yet to find the first mention of the lefty sacrament of abortion anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. Doubters may wish to read an actual copy of the U.S. Constitution to verify this. I’m getting old and may have missed something in the hundreds of times I’ve read the Constitution.

  7. captainfish says:

    First.. automatic rifles are not banned.
    Second.. some people can reload a revolver just as fast as people can reload a magazine in a rifle.
    Third.. Most crimes are committed via handguns and most deaths are committed not by guns.
    Fourth.. Many people were killed before semi-auto was created.
    Fifth …. if it would save one life… then we need to ban gun powder, knives, sticks, bats, and large boxes stacked over 2x high.
    And ban slippery floors.

  8. ruralcounsel says:

    Let’s start by taking away the First Amendment rights of newspapers like this.

    The first ten amendments (The Bill of Rights) were a preconditioned requirement for the 13 colonies to agree to the Constitution in the first place. You can’t remove one of them without removing ALL of them. Otherwise, you release everyone from following any part of the Constitution. Picking and choosing.

    Sounds like a great way to dissolve the United States federal government and start a civil war.

  9. Elwood P Dowd says:

    The restrictions on machine guns and sawed-off shotguns need to be lifted. That Supreme Court ruling was wrong and should be corrected.

  10. Elwood P Dowd says:

    And land-mines – the ultimate in home defense! Why can’t I defend my family and property with mines??

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