Associated Press Seems Surprised That High Diesel Costs Increases The Cost Of Most Goods

Well, hey, this is what the Cult of Climastrology wants, right? What Biden and all his Comrades want, right? It won’t really effect the rich folks, but, it will hose the middle and lower classes, and should be a big warning that all this green agenda stuff is bad for their lives

From the article 

When long-haul trucker Deb LaBree sets out on the road to deliver pharmaceuticals, she has strategies to hold down costs. She avoids the West Coast and the Northeast, where diesel prices are highest. She organizes her delivery route to minimize “deadheading” — driving an empty truck in between deliveries.

And if a customer’s load is too far away or they can’t pay more for fuel? She turns the job down.

“It breaks my heart because I either have to say, ‘No, I can’t afford to,’ or ’I can, but you’re going to have to pay some of my fuel to get me there,’ ” LaBree said. “I hate doing both of those things because it’s not the customer’s fault. It’s not our fault.”

The price of diesel fuel has skyrocketed in recent months — much more even than regular gasoline — especially after Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Moscow’s attack led numerous nations to spurn Russian fuel, removing from the market a major source of oil, the main component of diesel fuel, and driving prices drastically up.

For months, motorists have felt the pain of high gasoline prices. Many may not know that they’re also absorbing the impact of much costlier diesel fuel. That’s because the goods consumers buy — from cereal and orange juice to Amazon deliveries of diapers — are delivered by trucks, trains or ships that run on diesel. Those inflated prices are then passed on from company to company until they reach consumers in the form of costlier goods.

“People pay less attention to diesel prices because people aren’t going to the pump and using it,” said Matt Smith, lead oil analyst at Kpler, a research firm. “But diesel has a more far-reaching impact and is already having a real big impact across the economy.”

Playing the Russia card, eh? Except, diesel prices were already going way up before Russia invaded Ukraine. It just made the issue worse. Consumer prices were already going up up up in part due to the higher fuel costs. Do the climate cultists think truckers are going to work for free or at a loss? How about the grocery stores? The stores that sell TVs, laptops, and other electronics? There have been two spikes in auto costs this year, from $300-$700 each time, and a goodly chunk of that is fuel costs. There was a time early in the year when we had a tough time getting our vehicles, because we couldn’t get them off the trains, because a division of the company that owned the depot refused to pay truckers more, so, there was no space on the lot.

This is what the nation looks like with all the Watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) stuff being pushed.

High gasoline prices have eased somewhat in recent weeks. But diesel has remained chronically high, with American refineries operating near capacity. Unless prices ease, the ripple effects of high diesel fuel could worsen because the costs are deterring some truck companies from accepting jobs unless they can persuade their customers to pay more for fuel.

And Joe and his Comrades are doing what? Oh, right, working to make it worse.

*that’s an old graphic, but, does show what the Democrats were doing even back then.

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10 Responses to “Associated Press Seems Surprised That High Diesel Costs Increases The Cost Of Most Goods”

  1. I’ve previously pointed out that the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has guesstimated that the first GDP report, due on Thursday, will show a 1.6% decline in real GDP, and the Brandon Administration has almost certainly seen the numbers to be released, because they’re busily trying to redefine a recession.

    The third GDP estimate for the first quarter was -1.6%, which was down from the first guesstimate of -1.4%. If the Atlanta Fed is close to correct, the second quarter will show a second consecutive quarter of decline. Even if the third quarter shows a gain, the numbers won’t come out until two weeks before the election, and that would be bad, bad, bad!

  2. H says:

    Americans pay the global market price for diesel. Do you think that Biden controls that price? Everyone on the planet ( other than countries thst have nationalized pays that price. It only takes 5 cents per gallon to ship diesel to almost any country. We are currently exporting about 25% of our refined oils to othe d countries that are happy to pay the world market price. We currently export about 100 million gallons of gas every day
    As a free market man how do you feel about that?

    • Well, the Biden Administration is certainly trying to take credit for the recent drop in gasoline prices! They tweeted:

      For American families looking for a little more breathing room, these savings matter.

      If they’re trying to take credit for a slight decrease, then they get the blame for the increase.

      Average price for regular gasoline: July 2022 – $4.631 per gallon
      Average price for regular gasoline: July 2021 – $3.231 per gallon
      Average price for regular gasoline: July 2020 – $2.272 per gallon

      Note that the average price for regular gasoline is more than double what it was under President Trump, so if the dummkopf from Delaware is trying to take credit for gasoline declining from a nationwide average of $5.014 in the middle of June, then he also gets ‘credit’ for the 103.829% increase.

      • alanstorm says:

        Yes, after all the TOP. MEN. assured us that Biden has no influence on fuel prices.

        Pick one, libtards.

        (You object to ‘libtards’? The article names ’em without naming ’em.)

    • Interesting. Democrats blamed Trump when anything bad happened. The Biden admin is now taking credit for fuel prices coming down a bit.

  3. JimS says:

    The concept of economics is incomprehensible to the left.

    • Dana says:

      Friedrich Hayek said, “If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” The same is true about liberals: if liberals understood economics, they wouldn’t be liberals anymore.

  4. alanstorm says:

    High diesel prices are driving up the cost of everything, from groceries to Amazon orders and furniture.

    Only a drooling idiot or a liberal could be surprised by this.

  5. UnkleC says:

    Alan, have you noticed that the current administration is populated with liberal drooling idiots?
    Also, off-road diesel, jet fuel, and home heating oil are essentially the same as on road diesel [taxes and minor additive differences] so the price follows the price of common diesel. Just wait as food, travel, construction, and staying warm costs will rise even more.

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