Who’s Up For Ford Laying Off 8K To Finance Their EV Initiative

I’m sure the workers are thrilled to sacrifice for the great good of getting everyone into an EV, right?

Ford Plans to Lay Off 8,000 Workers to Help Finance Electric-Vehicle Initiative

Electric vehicle

Ford Motor Company plans to lay off as many as 8,ooo employees in the coming weeks to help finance its electric-vehicle initiative.

The cuts will affect the newly established Ford Blue unit that produces engines for gas-powered vehicles, as well as other salaried, operational positions throughout the company, people familiar with the development told Bloomberg.

Under the auspices of Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley, in March Ford diversified its automotive manufacturing into two distinct business projects: the “Model e” unit for EV development and “Ford Blue” for internal-combustion engines.

Some staff are likely to be let go this summer, and the layoffs may happen in stages, the people said. They are expected to target the U.S. sector of Ford, where 31,000 salaried workers are employed, Bloomberg noted. Declining to comment on the potential job cuts, Ford emphasized that it is committed to revolutionizing EVs, where many automakers believe the future of the car market is headed.

“As part of this, we have laid out clear targets to lower our cost structure to ensure we are lean and fully competitive with the best in the industry,” Chief Communications Officer Mark Truby said in a statement.

The climate cult agenda is wonderful, eh?

My bad, had GM in headline. Fixed

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10 Responses to “Who’s Up For Ford Laying Off 8K To Finance Their EV Initiative”

  1. Big misgoof in the article title! The story is about Ford, but the title says Government General Motors!

    • CarolAnn says:

      Are you sure it is a “misgoof”? The media/government complex has been known to lie quite often as well as spin a disinformation yarn to confuse an issue.

      Look, if there has been no major “climate emergency” since they started this crap (about 1970) why is it all coming to a head now? Think about how much crap and lies they are piling on to the American people. Trying to find the one that breaks the camels back?

      • Dana says:

        It was a misgoof in that our esteemed host got the article title wrong; that’s it. I suspect that Government General Motors under CEO Mary Barra will wind up doing something at least remotely similar, but that wasn’t what this article was about.

        I notified our host of the error both here and in a private message on Twitter, but I do not know when he will see them. He does, after all, have a day job!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Accusing Mx Teach of being part of the media/gov’t complex and lying to his hapless readers??

        Anyway, this was an anonymous leak to Bloomberg.

        The plan has not yet been finalized and details could still change.

        The move would mark a significant step in Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley’s plan to cut $3 billion of costs by 2026. He has said he wants to transform Ford Blue into “the profit and cash engine for the entire enterprise.” In March, Farley radically restructured Ford, cleaving its carmaking in two by creating the “Model e” unit to scale up EV offerings and “Ford Blue” to focus on traditional gas burners like the Bronco sport-utility vehicle.

        Ford lost ~13,000 employees during the tRump reign. Teach: crickets, LOL.

        Ford currently employs ~183,000.

        Should government decide how Ford Motor Co employs Americans?

  2. The United Auto Workers union has been all in with the Democrats, but I have to wonder: just how much are they going to support the Democrats when it is their policies pushing the expansion of plug-in electric vehicles which are encouraging Ford to take this action? 8,000 well-paying jobs, many of them union jobs — I assume that some of the jobs to be lost will be in management — about to vanish due to policies pushed by Joe Biden and the warmunists.

  3. Professor hale says:

    I wasn’t going to ever buy a gm product anyway. It doesn’t matter to me if they go under. I just hope the taxpayers dont get stuck with their debts AGAIN.

  4. UnkleC says:

    Not investing in Gummint Motors either. Not after the last time.
    Taxpayers and investors both took it in the shorts last time. Should have let it break up and the market would decide the outcome.

  5. […] Pirates Cove has the story. Another kick to the nuts of working Americans because “Green Economy GOOD!” […]

  6. Sarah says:

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