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Comrade Bernie Seems Upset That Trump Failed To Mention The Climate Crisis (scam)

Of course, this was right before Comrade Bernie took off in a fossil fueled private jet State of the Union: Bernie Sanders says Trump lacked the ‘courage’ to mention climate change during speech In Donald Trump’s lengthy State of the Union speech to Congress, he spoke about the US economy, took aim at Democrats’ plans […]

If All You See…

…is an evil carbon polluting refrigerator, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Pelosi’s really bad, horrible, no good day.

Climate Cultist Wants Draconian Behavior Change To Solve Hotcoldwetdry

It’s funny how Warmists always seem to want to force behavioral changes in Other People, eh? Here’s Paul Gosselin at NoTricksZone, who loves checking the unhinged German Warmists German “Environmental Expert”/Activist Suggests Humans Need Draconian “Behavior Change” Today I found an interview with an “environmental expert” by the German alarmist site Klimareporter here. It conveys […]

Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Won’t Succeed Because Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Personally, I would have picked “it won’t work because too many Palestinians are violent, hate Jews, hate Israel, and want to destroy the nation, along with lots and lots of Islamists”, but, the NY Times’ Thomas Freidman has thoughts relating to ‘climate change’, and then something nefarious Mother Nature Scoffs at Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan […]

Washington Post: Well, Yeah, The Economy Is Great, But, Is It Really Great?

The Washington Post editorial board is vexed. See, the economy is doing pretty darned good under President Trump, and they just can’t have that, because that’s bad for Democrats The economy is strong, as Trump says. But at what cost? AS CONGRESS gathered for the annual State of the Union address Tuesday, there was no […]

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