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White Supremacy Has Gone Green Or Something

Funny, the Warmists didn’t complain when Osama Bin Laden was yammering about his worry about ‘climate change’. Or how Islamic extremist groups are trying to co-opt the Hotcoldwetdry movement. Or how extremist nations like Iran are pushing ‘climate change’. Nope, a tiny few “far right” extremist groups (who like government authoritarianism) are joining in White […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful climate friendly state taxing evil fossil fuels companies, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Legal Insurrection, with a post on the NEA pushing gender confusion education in schools.

Net Neutrality: LA Times Wants To Regulate Internet Like Any Other Utility

It’s been two years since the FCC killed of the latest version of Net Neutrality, which was never about neutrality, but giving the federal government massive new powers over the Internet, Internet companies, and what you see on the Internet. We were all supposed to die from the ending of NN, but, we’re still here, […]

Climate Anxiety Has Created A New Dating Trend: Thunberging

These people are totally serious, not crazy, and not part of a cult. So they say. How climate change inspired a new dating trend: ‘Thunberging’ Climate change is having a pretty big effect on our lives right now. From impacting our decisions about having a family (one in 10 young couples cited climate change as their reason […]

NY Times: Say, Let’s Call It The Trumpvirus

Remember, Democrats get very upset when Trump supporters say they are using the Coronavirus for their nefarious political purposes. They’re running article after articles, opinion piece after opinion piece, telling us how Doomed we are and that Orange Man Bad. Paul Krugman has a pretty hot take about when a pandemic meets a personality cult, […]

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