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Gizmado Warmist: The Aussie Fires Aren’t Arson (except for all the arsonists)

You know the Narrative is in danger when Warmists go off the rails, as witnessed by Gizmado’s Brian Khan It’s Not Arson, You Absolute Fucking Morons Australia’s bushfires are a bright red warning sign that the climate crisis is most definitely upon us and worse lies ahead if we don’t curb carbon pollution. That also makes them […]

If All You See…

…is a book made from killing a climate saving tree, you might just be a Warmist IAYS The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on CNN caving to the Covington kid.

Good News: Liz Warren’s Campaign Is Super Alive Due To Selfies

Apparently, selfies are more important than poll numbers Elizabeth Warren Defends Flagging Poll Numbers by Touting ‘100,000 Selfies’ Benchmark Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) defended her declining poll numbers on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Wednesday, by claiming that she’s taken over 100,000 selfies. After being asked by Morning Joe co-anchor Willie Geist about her “slipped” support in […]

St. Greta Is Totally Correct In Her “It’s Not About Me” Tweet Or Something

Forbes’ John Brandon is squeeing over a St. Greta of Stockholm tweet, and, you know what? I agree with his headline. But, for a different reason Why Greta Thunberg Is Totally Correct In Her Latest Climate Change Tweet “It’s not about me.” That’s from a tweet by climate change activist Greta Thunberg today, and it’s […]

Iran Launches Missiles Towards American Assets In Iraq, Kills No One, Calls It A “Slap In The Face”

Iran wants to get frisky after President Trump whacked Suleimani (a murderer, terrorist, guy who likes to torture children, among others), and launched some missiles to save face. No one was hurt, no one killed. Iran wants to beat its chest and play the tough guy, though How Iran is responding after the missile attack […]

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