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Vermont Tries Playing Games With Carbon Taxation Since They Can’t Pass Legislation

Climate cultists are always playing games Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act is "worst piece of legislation I have seen in 50 years. It’s not just foolish, and costly, and invasive. It is, by design and intent, an abandonment of accountability of our democratically elected representatives" https://t.co/3ODGae9Je9 — Tom Nelson (@tan123) January 28, 2020 Basically, the […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on how drag queen story hour expanded across America.

Say, Was St. Greta Really “Striking” By Skipping School On Fridays?

Apparently not The @RebelNewsOnline's documentary "Greta Inc." reveals that despite Thunberg’s calls for other students to join her in striking from class, attendance at her school is not mandatory and she can do her schoolwork while at home or away. #cdnpoli https://t.co/waMpW1wQzX — True North (@TrueNorthCentre) January 27, 2020 Obviously, we should take this all […]

NJ Governor Murphy Makes Big Pledge To Force Citizens To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

So, when is Phil going to give up his long fossil fueled flights to his house in Italy? And his limo? And his government funded helicopter? Murphy just unveiled N.J.’s master plan for energy and made a big pledge to fight climate change New Jersey will become the first state in the nation to require […]

Trump Administration’s “Public Charge” Rule Wins At Supreme Court

Realistically, should the United States Be bringing in vast amounts of immigrants who are unable to stand on their own two feet, ones who will immediately be living off the largess of the taxpayers? A goodly chunk of nations around the world require people to have usable skills and the ability to provide for themselves […]

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