Vermont Tries Playing Games With Carbon Taxation Since They Can’t Pass Legislation

Climate cultists are always playing games

Basically, the Warmists have failed to get legislation implementing a climate tax passed even in uber-leftist Vermont, so, from the link

Over the past 50 years I have seen a lot of bills introduced into the Vermont Legislature. Of all the bills over all those years, the absolute worst was just introduced in the House, with 87 co-sponsors (all Democratic and Progressive). It’s titled the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA, H.688).

The Climate Action Coalition believes that the planet faces a climate emergency due to human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. Every year for the past five years its dozens of lobbyists have labored to persuade the legislators to take bold and far-reaching steps to drive down those emissions.

The centerpiece of those efforts has been a carbon tax. The argument has three components. First, we must drive down the use of carbon-based fuels by Vermonters using heating oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel and propane. (snip)

For five years, however, the Climate Action advocates have failed to find the votes, even in this green-friendly Legislature, to enact even the beginning stages of a carbon tax. So here comes their Plan B: The Global Warming Solutions Act. (snip)

Since there aren’t enough  votes for a carbon tax, the GWSA would replace the 2006 “goals” with much stricter “mandatory requirements”; create a 21-member climate action super-government  (the Climate Council, controlled by legislative leaders); task it with developing a sweeping plan to regulate anything and everything that might reduce CO2 emissions; implement the plan with state agency rules backed by penalties; authorize the Conservation Law Foundation to bring suits to get judges to order the rule-making agencies to move faster and further to save the planet  from the “climate emergency”; and use tax dollars to pay the plaintiff’s legal costs if it “substantially prevails” in a courtroom.

Two things are perfectly clear here. The bureaucrats can’t levy a carbon tax, but the scope of rules they may find essential to defeating climate change is unlimited. After all, this is an “emergency”!

And most importantly — read this carefully — no legislator will ever vote on wave after wave of sweeping rules that will affect the lives of every Vermonter.

It’s just an attempt to sidestep the voting citizens and take power out of their hands as they elect lawmakers. Hooray Fascists!

Add to the utter lack of accountability, and the cost of the army of regulators and enforcers needed to carry out the plan, and the invitation to CLF and others to sue the state to force quicker and more far-reaching oppression (as CLF did under a similar statute in Massachusetts), and you have a Green Police State, financed by the victims.

Read the whole thing. Warmists will attempt anything to force their Fascist policies through.

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2 Responses to “Vermont Tries Playing Games With Carbon Taxation Since They Can’t Pass Legislation”

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve managed to miss Vermont among the states I have visited, but my mother was a Mainiac, and I spent a winter there when I was a kid. And I can tell you that, even in Portland, which is by the ocean, it gets f(ornicating) cold up there!

    First, we must drive down the use of carbon-based fuels by Vermonters using heating oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel and propane.

    Just how cold do these clowns want the good people of the Green Mountain State to get in the winter?

    One thing to note: a lot of apartments have electric heat, because that’s normally easier for landlords to dispense with providing and more easily chargeable to the renters. So you’ve got a lot of apartment dwellers who think that this won’t affect them, so why not drive up gas and heating oil costs for other people.

    • The great thing about apartment living, even with individual metering, is that you can leach heat from your neighbors below and to the sides. When I lived in an apartment, I never needed to turn on my heat in the Winter.

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