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Bummer: Iran Says It Will Continue To Violate Obama’s Iran Deal

Yeah, this is the deal that saw Obama give Iran pallets of cash, removed sanctions which allowed it to get more cash for terrorist operations, and would let them obtain nuclear weapons in 2025 or 2031, depending on your reading. Oh, and Iran Formally Announces It Will Continue Violating the Nuclear Deal The Iranian government […]

If All You See…

…is IAYS The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post noting that ‘climate change’ did not cause the Australian fires.

Surprise: Australian Fires Were Pretty Much The Work Of Not ‘Climate Change’

Much like in California, the fires were mostly caused by humans, but, not via “carbon pollution” Were the people who set the fires in Australia “regular” arsonists? Or were they environmental activists manufacturing a crisis for PR and fundraising? I hope police will find out. https://t.co/csqDsnvVI6 — Ezra Levant ???????? (@ezralevant) January 5, 2020 Then […]

Bummer: Irish Data Centers Are Killing Us With Carbon Pollution

It is amusing that a news outlet, the UK Guardian, that depends on data centers is railing against them by allowing a Warmist, Rory Carroll, to run an article that wouldn’t be read without data centers Why Irish data centre boom is complicating climate efforts Inside Digital Realty’s Dublin data centre, racks of shiny black […]

NY Times Works Hard To Protect Islamist Regime In Iran

The same NY Times which was never particularly concerned with Obama’s use of force against Islamic jihadis throughout the Eastern world nor in Libya is Very Concerned with Trump ordering a strike against an Iranian responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans Congress, Stop President Trump’s Rush to War With Iran President Trump must […]

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