Say, Was St. Greta Really “Striking” By Skipping School On Fridays?

Apparently not

Obviously, we should take this all with a bit of skepticism, but, crazy if true. From the link

Despite “striking” from school on Fridays to protest government inaction on climate change, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg was part of a school program that didn’t mandate in-person attendance at all.

This revelation comes in a new documentary by Rebel News, exposing the power brokers and financiers behind Thunberg’s rise.

The documentary Greta Inc. reveals that, despite Thunberg’s calls for other students to join her in striking from class, attendance at her school is not mandatory and she can do her schoolwork while at home or away.

“In August, she initiated a school strike for the climate at Mynttorget outside Parliament House. Now she sits there every Friday, but she no longer educates. The school leaves her there with a customized study program and a textbook,” writes journalist Peter Franke in Swedish, according to a translation from Rebel’s documentary.

So, not actually a strike.

The relationship between Thunberg’s rise and Swedish PR guru and CEO Ingmar Rentzhog was also brought into question.

Rentzhog has raised millions for Thunberg’s activism after claiming to have “discovered” her protesting outside of the Swedish parliament.

Thunberg’s fame ballooned shortly after Rentzhog shared images of her protest on social media.

At the height of the climate demonstration, Rentzhog used the teenage activist in promotional materials for his organization We Don’t Have Time, and promised investors that his company would be “extremely profitable.”

So, not “grassroots”? Make sure to read the rest.

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12 Responses to “Say, Was St. Greta Really “Striking” By Skipping School On Fridays?”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Stay in school, kids, maybe you’ll learn something.

    Maybe not.

    Don’t be Greta.


    • Professor Hale says:

      If you are really serious about climate change, you skip all the other days too. just think of all the CO2 that get created taking children to collective education , then picking them up. Add to that the heating and cooling for those collective facilities. All totally unnecessary. They can learn at home for free and carbon neutral.

  2. formwiz says:

    Funny how striking sounds a lot like goofing off.

  3. ChumpChange says:

    He has raised millions. NOTICE all this money raised never seems to find its way to SOLVING AGW. It is just turned into more protests and more pleading for more money so they can solve global warming.

    Right now the world should be focusing on donating to agencies that will help when the pandemic is out of control.

    Perhaps we will be lucky and Greta will be spared of getting sick. I mean that sincerely since she is in fact the face of the AGW movement and is in public quite often where it is soon to become very dangerous. I pray she remains well so once this pandemic is over she can return to blasting whomever.

    I mean shit girl. 99 percent of the nations agree with you. while 99 percent of those nations are all looking to the USA to spend trillions.

    HELL THE DUMBSHIT AMERICANS have already spent TRILLIONS in the Middle EAST with ZERO to show for it.

    I can see why Elwood and his band of extortionists want the USA to bankroll the entire AGW save the world meme. That is if we survive the Pandemic.

  4. david7134 says:

    If the school hasn’t taught her how to work through the climate scam, then why go?

  5. John says:

    Most large oil companies have stopped denying the connection between CO2 and climate change

    • formwiz says:

      They have?

      And how many are run by Lefties?

    • Most large oil companies just want to sell oil, not get bogged down in court and alienating some of their customers. They will release whatever public statements they need to. It’s called marketing, not scientific consensus.

  6. John says:

    Teach is in an intellectual battle with a child with developmental disabilities

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