NJ Governor Murphy Makes Big Pledge To Force Citizens To Fight Hotcoldwetdry

So, when is Phil going to give up his long fossil fueled flights to his house in Italy? And his limo? And his government funded helicopter?

Murphy just unveiled N.J.’s master plan for energy and made a big pledge to fight climate change

New Jersey will become the first state in the nation to require builders consider the impact of climate change if they want their projects approved, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday as he unveiled the final version of the state’s new energy master plan.

The Democratic governor outlined the plan in a speech at Stockton University in Galloway, calling the 290-page document “ground zero” for “weaning the state off its century-old addiction to fossil fuels.”

Ever been to NJ and seen how many people are on the roads? Ever seen all the oil refineries and storage facilities in northeast Jersey? How about the airports? How’s he going to do this? NJ may not always be the destination, but, it is very much a gateway state that people pass through to go to the northeast and southeast.

The document lays out the Murphy administration’s vision for how to ensure the state reaches its lofty green energy goals: 50% clean energy by 2030, and 100% clean energy by 2050.

Have fun with your taxes, NJ residents

The plan is intended to slash the Garden State’s greenhouse gas emissions, reducing New Jersey’s contribution to climate change.

Murphy warned Monday that climate change is direct threat to New Jersey. He citied a recent Rutgers University report that said sea levels along New Jersey’s coast are expected to rise more than one foot by 2030 and two feet by 2050.

Actual data, rather than computer models, says otherwise. Sea rise is actually about where you expect it to be during a Holocene warm period, but, some of that is caused by land subsistence. You won’t be getting a foot over the next 10 years.

Murphy also painted the plan as a response to how President Donald Trump’s administration and other Republican have responded to climate change.

“We are going to make New Jersey the place that proves we can grow our economy, create jobs, and fight climate change all at the same time,” said Murphy, a frequent critic of the Republican president.

Actually, I’m all for this. Let them be the test group, and we can watch and see what happens as a warning to other states who want to give this stuff a whirl.

The only thing Murphy has going for his beliefs is that he is not against nuclear, but, good luck getting a nuclear plant built.

New Jersey got 94% of its energy from natural gas and nuclear power combined in 2018, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Garden State environmentalists are pushing for the state to phase out those two energy sources, but Murphy’s plan allows for both to continue.

Enviroweenies are trying to get him to block all new natural gas. They won’t allow nuclear. So, how? Good luck. What will really happen are lots of taxes and fees and an even higher cost of living. Housing costs will skyrocket. People will leave.

Of course, Phil won’t change his own behavior: that’s for the little people to be forced.

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22 Responses to “NJ Governor Murphy Makes Big Pledge To Force Citizens To Fight Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Damn it! Cut it out, Democrats. Virginia already has enough of your citizens.

  2. John says:

    Yes Teach this is all part of the master plan of Soros to turn red states blue
    Virginia is ours now and North Carolina is purple and trending blue

    • dachs_dude says:

      But NJ is already Blue for National elections because most of the Blue voters are in the heavily populated, mis-run cities.

      • formwiz says:

        You could say that about PA and OH.

        If > 175,000 people wanted tickets to see Trump and were willing to stand out in the weather for 2 days, there may be some surprises come November.

    • formwiz says:

      After 87 counties declared themselves 2A sanctuaries?


      And you’d better start worrying about NM, NV, OR, IL, and WA.

  3. alanstorm says:

    “The document lays out the Murphy administration’s vision for how to ensure the state reaches its lofty green energy goals: 50% clean energy by 2030, and 100% clean energy by 2050.”

    Can’t wait to see those nuclear plants fast-tracked.

  4. John says:

    Teach has the rate of sea level rise in NJ been constant or accelerating ?

  5. dachs_dude says:

    Leaving NJ ASAP. Unfortunately, it will have to be about 7 more year until my daughter is out of school.

  6. david7134 says:

    Tell us how a tax and global communist government stop the sea from rising.

    • Jl says:


    • TAKING ALL YOUR MONEY has always been the goal of the good socialist politician. unlike those evil rich people that are willing to work to earn a lot of money. what the hell is just about taking money from people that worked for it to give some of it to people that didn’t work to by their vote so you can stay in office permanently?

      • david7134 says:

        As Thatcher said, socialism is a great idea, until you run out of other people’s money.

        But think about the effect of these taxes. The middle class and other hard working folks will be devastated by these taxes, yet the Dems/communist don’t seem to care.

  7. Dana says:

    Having had to make several fossil-fueled trips between the Bluegrass and Keystone States, I chose where to fuel up carefully. Kentucky and West Virginia have the lowest fuel taxes of the states on my way, and even though Pennsylvania’s fuel taxes are higher than Maryland’s, due to my connection to Pennsylvania, I’d rather pay fuel taxes there than in Maryland.

    Obviously, were I traveling to the Empire State for some reason, I would choose to fuel up outside of New Jersey rather than there.

  8. Dana says:

    And when the Garden State mandates that everyone drive a plug in electric car, remember: New Jersey is much more heavily urbanized than most states, and that means fewer people will have dedicated parking spaces or garages at home in which to install charging stations. If you can’t charge your Chevy Dolt at home, after you get home from work, or overnight, then you can count on sitting around for 1½ hours at the charging station, because that’s how long it can take.

    Even the esteemed Mr Dowd would get pissed off at having to do that rather than the five minutes it takes to pump gasoline.

  9. RobM1981 says:

    It will work. If you drive enough people out of the state, emissions will fall.

    It’s a brilliant plan, except for that whole “economic growth” part. Then again, the whole “you need to crack a few eggs” thing, right?

  10. murphy is trying to rival Michael Bloomberg as the most totalitarian politician ever. his comment that people concerned about taxation should leave the state shows how much concern this supposed advocate of working people really has for working people. and those other supposed advocates of working people, the union leaders, support him.

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