Good News: Liz Warren’s Campaign Is Super Alive Due To Selfies

Apparently, selfies are more important than poll numbers

Elizabeth Warren Defends Flagging Poll Numbers by Touting ‘100,000 Selfies’ Benchmark

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) defended her declining poll numbers on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Wednesday, by claiming that she’s taken over 100,000 selfies.

After being asked by Morning Joe co-anchor Willie Geist about her “slipped” support in the polls, Warren responded, “I should start out by saying I just don’t comment on polls and I actually don’t really look at them.”

“But I’ll tell you this. The best part of this whole year has been doing what I do, which is getting out and doing town halls. It’s reaching out to people. It’s reaching out to voters in New Hampshire and Iowa, but all across this country,” she declared. “Because I don’t spend time at closed-door fundraisers, I don’t spend a lot of time with billionaires and millionaires and corporate executives, it means I’ve had time to go all around the country. So I’ve been to 29 states and Puerto Rico. I’m closing in on 200 town halls. We’ve already shot past 100,000 selfies. And what that means is about reaching out to people, face to face, talking about the issues that matter to them.”

See? Selfies are more important than poll numbers, money to campaign, and such.

Give her credit, 53% of her funds come from donations of $200 or less. Almost 30%, though, comes from big donors. She’s received lots of money from Alphabet Inc (Google), Harvard, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, City of NY (why is a city spending taxpayer money like this?), IBM, Disney, and many other big big corporations.

But, you know, selfies.

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6 Responses to “Good News: Liz Warren’s Campaign Is Super Alive Due To Selfies”

  1. The Democratic party circus is boring. Just all clowns. No acrobats or animal acts.

  2. Worst case, she could just use her own money to campaign. She is rich. But that would violate the primary rule of Democratic party politics. The goal of entering politics of to make money, not spend it.

  3. Legitimate question for John/Jeff (no tricks),
    1. Who is your preferred candidate for president, no restrictions?
    2. Who is your preferred candidate for president among those who are currently running?
    3. Who do you think will win the Democratic primary?

    I’m asking you because you are in the club, so on this topic, your opinions may actually be valid.

    • Kye says:

      I have asked Fredo here several times who he supports to no avail. So far he won’t answer me. Perhaps you’ll have better luck.

      Trump 2020 Regardless who the DemoCommies run.

      • That may be the beginning and end of it for the party faithful. He is waiting for the party to tell him who he should support, and then pretend he was for them all along.

        I get a lot of education by reading about the old Soviet empire. Living in a really communist country is very instructive to how Democrats behave today. You are not allowed to question party authority. Everyone is constantly lying. Everyone knows they are lying. Everyone pretends that they believe the lies. But once they are free, they admit they knew it was a lie all along. People are afraid to offer a personal opinion for fear it will be denounced later when the official policy is released. Jeff is a living example of all of this. He pretends to not have even a smidgen of skepticism about his talking points and he never gets out in front of the official party position.

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