Gizmado Warmist: The Aussie Fires Aren’t Arson (except for all the arsonists)

You know the Narrative is in danger when Warmists go off the rails, as witnessed by Gizmado’s Brian Khan

It’s Not Arson, You Absolute Fucking Morons

Australia’s bushfires are a bright red warning sign that the climate crisis is most definitely upon us and worse lies ahead if we don’t curb carbon pollution. That also makes them a bright red warning sign for a disinformation campaign about their causes for anyone looking to maintain the status quo.

After months of hell, coverage of the bushfires has penetrated mainstream conversation around the globe with an uptick in Google search interest, news stories, and Twitter hashtags. Celebrities even used their time at the Golden Globes to outline the clear link between the fires and climate change. It’s an easy one to make since Australia just had its hottest year on record and many areas are going through a record drought as well, and research has shown climate change is already increasing the risk of fire weather in the Land Down Under. Some real Climate Science 101 stuff.

Where’s the proof of anthropogenic causation?

Yet over the past week, a counter-narrative has emerged that no, it’s not climate change. It’s arsonists and nefarious green groups who have pushed to stop back burns and controlled fires that reduce fire risk. While 183 arrests have been made in connection with fires, only 24 people have actually been charged with arson. As for the green group’s thing, that’s just trash as far as I can tell. As someone who had a tweet about the fires “doing numbers” this week, I can attest to hordes of accounts responding with some iteration of these two conspiracy theories or mashing them up to say it’s, in fact, environmentalists who did the arson (which is weird since I thought they made it so that nobody could light fires but OK whatever).

So, wait, people have been arrested and charged for setting fires? Weird. Remember, not all are intentional. Many fires are simply accidents. Many are accidents that could have been avoided. But, hey, this is your fault for that steak you ate the other day.

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9 Responses to “Gizmado Warmist: The Aussie Fires Aren’t Arson (except for all the arsonists)”

  1. Jl says:

    “Australia had its warmest year on record”. Sure they did, if ones ignores pre-1910 temps. It was actually warmer earlier. Funny how their BOM hides that data….

  2. John says:

    From what I read it appears as though most fires were in fact started by nicotine addicts

  3. david7134 says:

    It seems that the fires are the product of two actions. First, the government has bowed to environmental groups that will not allow prudent brush control to reduce the risk of fire, much like California. Second, the fires have clearly been set by arsonist, what joy they get out of that action is beyond me. Maybe John can tell us as he likely ran into arsonist in jail.

    This is yet another reason to not trust the actions of any big government.

  4. Matthew Wall says:

    Climate Change makes them light the fires.

  5. Kye says:

    Some hysterical “environmental” wacko on FOX just claimed 500,000,000 ( yes, five hundred million) were killed in the fires. That sounds ridiculous to me unless they’re counting insects but who knows?

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