Washington Post: Proclaiming Trump Victorious On Iran Is Shortsighted Or Something

The Washington Post Editorial Board is just continuing the media policy of slamming Trump and not slamming Iran, because Orange Man Bad

Proclaiming Trump victorious in Iran is shortsighted and premature

THE ESCALATING confrontation between the United States and Iran paused on Wednesday, which, as President Trump put it, “is a good thing for all parties concerned.” Having demonstrated that it can strike Iraqi bases where U.S. troops are deployed with precision, Iran announced that it had “concluded” its response to the killing of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani; Mr. Trump, reporting that no Americans were killed or injured by Tehran’s missiles, set aside the sweeping attacks he had threatened on 52 sites inside Iran.

Mr. Trump’s acolytes quickly proclaimed him victorious for having eliminated the architect of Iran’s foreign adventurism while avoiding a more damaging response. That assessment was premature and shortsighted. Iran’s strikes on U.S. interests and allies will almost certainly continue in the coming months. Unless the Trump administration quickly steps up its diplomatic game, what Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called his ultimate aim — the removal of the United States from the Middle East — could soon be realized in Iraq and Syria.

Um, I’m betting most who aren’t deranged Trump haters, like the WPEB, are glad Trump whacked Suleimani, a man with the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands. A guy who was a big part of the whole “death to America” crowd in the Iranian Islamist government. A guy who liked to torture children and women. Killing him is rather victorious, in the same way as killing Osama Bin Laden. I don’t remember the WPEB chiding Obama and his acolytes for spiking the football when Obama had him whacked, do you? Most Americans, right and left, celebrated it. They didn’t take the side of al Qaeda and the hardcore Islamists around the world.

But, Orange Man Bad, so, the WPEB has to push ahead with taking Iran’s side. See, we should be talking to them, giving them billions and billions in cash, removing sanctions which allows Iran more money for their anti-American, anti-Israel, hardcore Islamist operations, and allw them to normalize relations. Maybe a deal which would provide them help to build nuclear weapons in 5-10 years

Mr. Trump ought to embrace the pause in hostilities as an opportunity to begin serious negotiations with the Islamic republic. That is the course favored not only by a majority of Americans but also by Mideast allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which have been pressing for restraint. Though he nodded to the idea, saying the United States was “ready to embrace peace,” Mr. Trump also said he would intensify already-massive sanctions on Iran. That campaign of “maximum pressure” has failed to bring about the new nuclear negotiations Mr. Trump says he wants, much less the regime collapse or capitulation his more hawkish advisers hope for. But it virtually ensures that Iranian responses like last year’s attacks on Persian Gulf shipping and Saudi oil fields will continue.

Iran has been the prime aggressor against the U.S. since 1979. What, exactly, are we to negotiate on? They really gave up nothing for Obama’s little deal. And were violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action within a year of signing it.

But, hey, Orange Man Bad. Democrats and their pet media should consider that all this support of Iran will show up on the campaign trail. It may not have been Trump’s intention to create a political issue, but, he has one now.

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10 Responses to “Washington Post: Proclaiming Trump Victorious On Iran Is Shortsighted Or Something”

  1. Chumpchange says:

    Trump really is an idiot when it comes to Foreign policy.

    His idea of starving Iran to death, then forcing the people in the streets to riot and protest. Then killing his top general.

    then saying okay are you ready to bargain yet? I’m willing to negotiate a new deal.

    Really? You think Iran will negotiate with Trump over anything. They have been killing Americans for 40 years. What makes him even remotely think they will negotiate now?

    I support him, but we need to leave the Middle East. Iran is going to have nukes. Just like North Korea is going to have nukes and if and when they ever use them, the two countries will become parking lots.

    Until then, Trump is an idiot for listening to his war mongering generals and Neocon Ex Bushies and Reganities in the Bureacracy advising him how to make Iran capitualate. They will NEVER capitualate nor will they ever come to the table. They embarrassed the entire west with Obama’s deal. They will hold out until the next lefty gets in the white house and this time get 300 billion dollars and laugh at the stupid Americans.

    right now Turkey wants Syria and 1/2 of Iraq. Turkey will fight the Iranians. Our committment should be Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia and Egypt and fuk Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Fuk them. Pull out. Thats what Trump wants. Iran and NK WILL GET NUKES. Nothing we can do short of invading those countries will ever prevent it as long as Russia and China is aiding and abetting them.

    Trump stop listening to people that want endless wars. Get the hell out of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

    • Winston St. John says:

      Senator Chuck Grassley is moving to limit President Trump’s ability to impose tariffs on other nations. While speaking to reporters in Washington on Wednesday, Grassley said he wants to push legislation that would accomplish his longtime goal.

      Interesting. The democrats are dealing with the war powers act right now as well. Article I of the US Constitution vests the power to set tariffs in Congress. The president has the power to impose tariffs at his discretion only because Congress has passed laws granting him that power.

      The imperial presidency needs to come to an end and the power returned to congress where it belongs. Over the last 50 years, Congress has abdicated its authority to the president beginning with allowing President Johnson to invade Vietnam.

      When Obama was in office the right was screaming but did nothing. Now that Trump is in office the left is screaming and the GOP which is drastically shifting to the middle and away from the far-right or libertarian aspects of the party are now beginning to listen.

      This is nothing personal against Trump. It has everything to do with Trump exposing how out of control our government is, including the presidency.

      War is a serious thing. We voted to go into Iraq because the CIA presented lies. Colin Powell told the UN lies. Perhaps they believed it at the time, but again it was a collective effort and not the sole discretion of a president elected 18 years later.

      Now it is time to look at the near-dictatorial powers of the presidency and rein them in. Take back what belongs to the congress that was authorized by the constitution. I do not call for removing powers that were given to the presidency, but rather removing powers that were not.

      It is time for the people to have a say in their government and that begins at the ballot box and continues to our representative form of government in Washington DC. I personally believe the divide that has engulfed Americans is the overpower and overreach of the presidency and no matter which party owns the White House the other half of this nation vehemently opposes.

      • david7134 says:

        I agree. Congress has given away a good bit of its power over the years. I get the idea that the elite have Obama total power and were expecting Hillary to come in and really make changes. They never thought that Trump would win and be vested with this much ability to take control. It is a shame that the Dems can’t put up mature leaders and congressmen who could really help us instead of just trying to destroy.

  2. Chumpchange says:

    We owe the Iraqi’s nothing. Just like we owe Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans nothing when it comes to opening our borders, giving them free everything and let them suck us dry. All of them.

    We owe the Kurds nothing. These people have been killing each other for 1500 years. What even remotely thinks we can STOP them and turn them into a mini-me????

    They don’t want democracy. Almost every country south of our border is corrupt and illiterate and desperate. We don’t owe them anything. We have protected them from foreign invasions, its up to their own fuking countries to make a life for their citizens. NOT US.

    I want to puke when I listen to Cruz and Graham and all the pundits I have seen on Fox and even CNN and MSNBC beating their chest for war, war and more war. We need to stay. WE OWE THEM a STABLE government before we leave.

    They are on fuking crack and you can tell the MIC has their fist up their asses with their fist on their hearts. Blink and you die a political death.

    Our children don’t owe these people anything. Our government was elected to take care of Americans, not kurds, Iraqis and central Americans!!!!

  3. John says:

    We killed one guy but in exchange pissed of Iraq in whom we had invested trillions in treasure and 1000s of lives
    I don’t think that was a good exchange

    • gitarcarver says:

      Apparently john thinks that we should have allowed Soleimani to carry out more attacks on the US military and civilians because we might upset Iraq.

      That is the depth of the hate the left has. They don’t care for the lives of Americans. They do, however, support terrorists against the US.

      All the left has is hate.

    • formwiz says:

      Put down the bong and you may see it differently.

      The crazies fired dozens of rockets at our guys and all they did was bring down a Ukrainian jet. So much for who’s going to dominate the Middle East.

      And I’m not sure how you know Iraq is angry at us. The Kurds aren’t. the Sunnas aren’t. And there are a lot of hashtags thanking us.

      So, once again, your concern trolling and virtue signalling is nonsense.

      • Kye says:

        I think what he means formwiz, is that the Democrats and the terrorists have united with their hatred of Trump and America. Would that make the terrorists Democrats or vice versa?

        Trump 2020 Stop hating America

      • david7134 says:

        One of the more serious generals was asked how long it would take to seriously disable Iran. His answer was over night.

    • david7134 says:

      It is reassuring that Trump took the time to call you and give a complete briefing of his actions. After all, he could not even take the chance of notifying Nancy and the Dems. Due to the real possibility they would warn Iran, much like they have done in the past. As to Iraq, did you think we were going to stay there forever? Personally I think we should leave the area after securing the oil fields for ourselves.

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