German, Canadian Warmists Want To Jail Climate Skeptics

Does this surprise anyone? Many members of the Cult of Climastrology have called for jailing “deniers”, ie, heretics of their cult. Remember that Comrade Bernie called for “bringing deniers to justice”, a phrase reminiscent of taking out Islamist jihadis. His Green New Deal calls for “The EPA’s Office of Civil Rights will step up its investigations into alleged environmental justice violations”. Wrongthink is not allowed (via Watts Up With That? through NoTricksZone)

Downplaying the climate catastrophe endangers human survival – do we have to accept that?

Why the trivialized must not hide behind the fundamental right of freedom of expression

Misleading alleged “studies” or scandal news are still spreading worldwide, the purpose of which is to sow doubts about scientifically proven warnings from climate science. For example, it has been claimed that climate scientists are exaggerating the extent and risks of global warming – in order to secure their jobs and receive more research funding. The aim of such misleading contributions is to continue fossil energy generation and economic activity for as long as possible. The Background section in more detail below .

One of the latest climate science studies at now foresees the demise of mankind due to global overheating, if the global economic climate gas emissions are not ended within the next 10 years and active return of greenhouse gases is also introduced worldwide using technical methods. But this study painstakingly avoids any wording that could lead to panic.

Mark that prognostication down

It is important, not only in Constance, but everywhere in Germany (everyone should first come to their front door) and finally worldwide, to avert the danger to the best of their knowledge and belief. In the event of a climate catastrophe, the natural sciences provide the best knowledge, but not the trivialists. What the trivialists do can be called sabotage. And sabotage of emergency measures should be punished. (snip)

No change to the Basic Law is necessary, just a further provision in the “general laws” – here in the Criminal Code – something like this: “Anyone who trivializes or prevents the climate catastrophe defense against the climate catastrophe according to the Paris Climate Agreement and its follow-up agreements, denies or prevents the climate catastrophe, will be fined up to 300 daily rates. In the event of a repeat sentence, the sentence is imprisonment .

But, hey, this totally doesn’t undermine freedom of opinion

Such a threat of punishment in no way undermines the fundamental right to freedom of opinion. Also the freedom of opinion has, as already mentioned in the introduction, legal limits (Article 5, Paragraph 2, first half sentence German Law). For example, according to Paragraphs 185 to 187 of the German Criminal Code, insult, libel and slander are also sanctioned, because otherwise peaceful coexistence is not possible.”

As P. Gosselin of NoTricksZone notes

Emergency laws, sabotage, punishment. This seemingly undemocratic argumentation is not entirely new in Germany. The last time it was heard was 80 years ago.

You can bet most Warmists outside of Germany agree with jailing Skeptics for Wrongthink. Oh, look, Jo Nova finds more fun

If anyone should be passionately devoted to free speech, surely it’s journalists. Five years ago yesterday, nine writers, editors, and cartoonists associated with the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, were slaughtered in Paris. Islamic fundamentalists considered them guilty of blasphemy.

So what did the entire editorial board of Canada’s Winnipeg Free Press newspaper do the day before that anniversary? It loudly called for censorship. It promoted intolerance. It published a lengthy editorial titled Time to silence voices of denial. This isn’t the opinion of a single writer, we’re informed, but an official, “consensus view.”

Most journalists are part of the Cult.

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4 Responses to “German, Canadian Warmists Want To Jail Climate Skeptics”

  1. dachs_dude says:

    You’ll ALL note that, in the interest of science, “flat earthers” are not being jailed for their beliefs nor are people who are deniers of evolution.
    Only those who oppose de-industrializing of the west, (only the west as China Inc. will be the default and only manufacturer on Earth), and who oppose taxing us back to the 1750s will be jailed.
    No wonder they want everyone’s guns so badly.

  2. Jl says:

    Don’t you remember in school when learning the scientific method the section on jailing those that don’t believe in a theory?

  3. alanstorm says:

    “German, Canadian Warmists Want To Jail Climate Skeptics”

    It’s roughly equivalent to tossing virgins into the volcano to appease the gods, and would be equally effective.

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