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If All You See…

…is champagne which will soon be doomed from skyrocketing temperatures, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Political Clown Parade, with a post on CNN having yet another meltdown.

Bummer: Sanctuary City Worried About Losing Funding For Being A Sanctuary City

There’s a simple solution for this. Can you guess what it is? Exactly. And, even cuter, they are now calling themselves “safe communities” Amherst officials prep for loss of police grant over ‘sanctuary’ status Because it has declared itself a safe community for undocumented immigrants, Amherst could be at risk of losing a grant that […]

Crazy Person Yells At Disney’s Robot Trump

Remember the one where Democrat sore losers screamed at the sky on the anniversary of Trump defeating Hillary fair and square? Then there’s this (Daily Caller) Meet the saddest person in America – Jay Malsky. Malsky is a New York-based actor who has played “drag comedy characters,” including Hillary Clinton. Malsky does not like Donald Trump and made […]

Trump Sends Out Tweet On Cold Weather And Global Warming, People Lose Their Minds

I wonder, have the Trump haters considered that he’s just doing this to mess with them? That he knows they will lose their collective minds, and that he and the folks around him are getting a good laugh? And that his tweets cause the Credentialed #Resist Media to chase rabbits down holes while Trump and […]

Remember, When It’s Cold And Snowy, That’s Just Weather, You Guys

With a serious cold snap going on, Warmists are quick to point this out, such as Marshall Shepherd A Response For People Using Record Cold U.S. Weather To Refute Climate Change If you are reading or watching the news, winter weather is the current headline. Negative wind chills, feet of lake effect snow in the Great […]

If All You See…

…is champagne which will soon go extinct from carbon pollution unless Other People are taxed, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on the left trying to figure out what’s wrong with white women.

NY Gov Cuomo Rebukes Trump On Immigration With Pardons Or Something

Putting illegal aliens over U.S. citizens, that’s the Democratic Party way. Also, a rebuke for federal law In Rebuke to Trump, Cuomo Pardons 18 Immigrants In a jab at President Trump’s promises to crack down on illegal immigration, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Wednesday pardoned 18 immigrants in an effort to free them from the […]

2017 Was The Year Climate Denial Died Or Something

Is it worth mentioning yet again that no one was denying that the climate changes, and has changed, they are just arguing that the changes are not mostly/solely caused by the actions of mankind? Because that is the debate: causation. But, Warmists will be Warmists, and Cult of Climastrology member Leo Barasi is worried about […]

Anonymous People Say Trump Legal Team Readies Attack On Flynn

The Washington Post’s Carol Leonning crafts yet another piece meant to be a hit-job on President Trump, which features absolutely zero named sources for the administration. But, hey, we’re totally supposed to Trust this Trump legal team readies attack on Flynn’s credibility President Trump’s legal team plans to cast former national security adviser Michael T. […]

Climate Change Is Totally Everything

There’s a reason, once again, that I call it Hotcoldwetdry Gee, thanks: "In some places, the wet will get wetter, and the dry will get drier. And in other places, the wet will get drier, and the dry will get wetter" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) December 27, 2017 From the fable We hear a […]

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