Trump Sends Out Tweet On Cold Weather And Global Warming, People Lose Their Minds

I wonder, have the Trump haters considered that he’s just doing this to mess with them? That he knows they will lose their collective minds, and that he and the folks around him are getting a good laugh? And that his tweets cause the Credentialed #Resist Media to chase rabbits down holes while Trump and his folks go off and do things that the media misses during that time?

This has causes all sorts of blue check mark folks to try and explain the difference between weather and climate, forgetting that they will themselves blame every weather event on ‘climate change’. Many immediately put up missives at mainstream outlets, such as this front page one at the Washington Post, which includes

But a single cold streak does not prove climate change is fake. Man-made global warming, as the name suggests, refers to the steady rise of average temperature of Earth’s climate system because of the buildup of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. Indeed, at the moment much of the rest of world is warmer than normal even if a portion of the United States is chilly.

As I noted in response to Trump’s tweet

And the WP article goes on

That added energy to Earth’s climate system alters more than just average temperatures. One active and heavily debated area of climate research concerns the degree to which climate change causes the jet stream encircling the Arctic to wobble southward, and send a surge of cold air across portions of North America — as it is now.

That’s right, blaming anthropogenic climate change for cold, and actually has several more paragraphs on the subject. And there were plenty of other tweets doing the same, such as

The NY Times has a front page article on Trump’s tweet, and in another front page article that explains all the crazy cold and massive snows in apocalyptic ways, we get

While scientists routinely find themselves explaining that day-to-day weather patterns are not the same as long-term climate trends, they also widely agree that human-caused climate change is exacerbating extreme weather.

Got that? The same people who are Warmistsplaining the difference between weather and climate are not only blaming cold weather on ‘climate change’, but also, surprise, confusing weather and climate themselves.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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13 Responses to “Trump Sends Out Tweet On Cold Weather And Global Warming, People Lose Their Minds”

  1. Jeffery says:

    he’s just doing this to mess with them?

    If true, how Presidential… Is that how little you expect of this “president”?

    Publically, tRump adopts the positions of his hard core 23%, but behind the scenes, where is own money is on the line, he sings a different tune.

    Clare County Ireland just approved the construction of two seawalls at tRump’s Doonbigly golf resort to protect the course from global warming!

    Tell the 23% what they want to hear but in the real world act to cover your assets.

    In its 2016 permit application, Trump International cited rising sea levels and extreme weather as its reason to build the wall(s)…

    and that

    his application included an environmental impact statement that explicitly mentioned “global warming and its effects.”

    Actions speak much louder than words and tRump is covering his assets from the effects of global warming at the same time he’s telling his far-right base that climate change is a hoax! To his (tax) credit there is no indication he is trying to force Ireland to pay for it.

  2. Rotterdam says:

    If true,how Presidential… Is that how little you expect of this “president”?

    I think Obama set the bar for our future presidents. I will not list the litany of egregious behaviour that occurred under his presidency but yes I believe that the American people have come to expect so little of the US presidents.

    I know in the EU we all think that the USA is a laughing stock and that attitude started with Clinton getting involved in the Balkans rather then letting the Europeans deal with it and its continued onward through Bush and Obama.

    The EU finally took notice when Trump said he might cancel the Nato agreement and started upping their game. And do you think EU took notice when Trump Officially recognized Jerusalem as Israels capital and then cut funding to the UN?

    Do you see the EU screaming at Trump after all of this. The fact is that we dont expect the US president to do these things. There is a world order in which you do not step on certain toes. Trump missed that memo and as a result the EU is scrambling to try and deal with a president who actually does what he says he will do.

  3. So, is Jeff complaining because Trump doesn’t believe in Global warming, or complaining because he does? It looks like there is just no pleasing Jeff.

    • Jeffery says:

      Just demonstrating that tRump is an obese hypocrite. But you knew that. We all know that.

      Why do you think a “businessman” wants to build seawalls to protect his property from global warming that he claims is a hoax?

      • I think he is protecting his investment from erosion, something that is common everywhere ocean meets land. And his lawyers added everything to the applications that they thought might convince a board of local civil leaders. You don’t have to believe something yourself to pander to those who do. Everyone who has ever had to deal with zoning changes or building permits knows this. I doubt he was even involved in this beside the decision to spend money controlling erosion.

        You seem unable to differentiate between the real person Donald Trump and the multi-national construction and entertainment corporation.

        Does this sort of mid-wittery work better on the other web sites you visit? It just seems unfair that you spend all your tediousness on us when there are so many web sites out there.

        Personally, I come here for the bewbs.

  4. Jl says:

    Global warming causes warming, global warming causes cold. Gravity causes things to fall down, gravity causes things to rise up

  5. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host asked:

    I wonder, have the Trump haters considered that he’s just doing this to mess with them?

    Donald Trump, hotelier that he is, absolutely abhors the idea of people occupying one of his hotel suites without paying, which is, of course, the reason that hotels these days require payment in advance, via your credit card. Yet he is enjoying, so very much, the fact that he is living, rent free, in so many people’s heads.

    And he has a bigger suite in Jeffrey’s head than in most people’s. Even most of the Trump-haters I know — and I do know a few of them — manage to live most of their lives worrying about things other than what the President is going to tweet tomorrow.

    A lot of us despised Barack Hussein Obama during the eight miserable years he was President, but while there were a few who went off the deep end, there didn’t seem to be nearly as many, nor nearly as crazy, as the current group of whacko leftists.

    • Jeffery says:

      70% of Americans weren’t embarrassed by President Obama, although some 40% did despise him. Globally, President Obama was well respected, tRump not so much.

      President Obama was elected to two terms, both times garnering more popular votes than his opponents, Senator John McCain, a decorated war hero and Gov Mitt Romney, a popular multimillionaire. McCain made a disastrous campaign decision in choosing the tRump-like Sarah Palin as his running mate.

      tRump is unlikely to be re-elected, or to even survive his first term.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        So, little guy, did you give your employees the Trump bonus?

        Or are you just a cheap little bastard?

      • Actually, it’s only about 40-45%. For both Obama AND Trump they have 40-45% loyal supporters and 40-45% ardent haters. The difference in % from day to day depends on the poll used. Trumps supporters still support him, just like Obamas supporters still support him. And the people not in either of those groups find politics boring. The loyal supporters of either side are never going to dip below 40% no matter what the opposition claims today is something outrageous (Hint: that’s what “loyal” means). We went through the daily outrage with Obama for 8 years and his popularity still hovered around 40% showing the strength of his loyal followers. It was exhausting. But the fact is, no matter what the left thinks should outrage us today about Trump, Trump supporters aren’t listening to them any more, just like Obamas supporters weren’t listening to Obama haters all those years.

        Consider this. The Trump tax cut was approved by a majority of congress, representing a majority of the population of the USA. A clear majority. That doesn’t sound like 70%

  6. Jl says:

    What J conveniently leaves out from the article “County Clare council’s decision angered environmentalists, who sad the walls could damage the resorts natural resources..”. Wait, you mean it could damage natural resources just like…..rising sea could? So environmentalists are afraid of the damage that rising seas could cause to the surroundings, but they’re angered at the wall because it could stop rising seas that could,…damage the natural surroundings? Got it.

    • The entry position for all environmentalists is “no building”. Even though they live in buildings, work in buildings, use electricity and data connections and all manner of stuff from factories and farms. And they are all quick to find a microscopic snail that needs protecting to justify their obsessions.

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