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Say, Sugar Is Taxed, Should Meat Be Next To Stop The Climate (scam) Apocalypse?

They can’t help themselves. They always want Other People to pay the price for their beliefs Sugar Gets Taxed in Some Countries. Could Meat Be Next? If Americans and people in most other developed countries ate according to their nationally recommended dietary guidelines, they would consume less red meat and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that […]

If All You See…

…is a shoreline getting wiped away by carbon pollution sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Vox Popoli, with a post on global justice needing heroes.

Have Yourself A Woke Star Wars

For the life of me, I’ve read this multiple times, and it doesn’t seem like sarcasm You guys, I've found it: The worst Star Wars take on the internet. pic.twitter.com/R3NMLzpSKB — neontaster 🚟 (@neontaster) December 14, 2017 It’s pure serious. The link actually goes to the USA Today, where Hayden Frye is Serious Why Anakin […]

Governor Moonbeam Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Say The Earth Is “On The Road To Hell”

If we are, isn’t his giant carbon footprint to blame? (LA Times) When he’s lecturing about climate change, Gov. Jerry Brown sounds like a street-corner preacher shouting: “Repent. Change your ways. The end is near.” I envision him in a sackcloth robe, arms flailing and chanting at the wind. That would look rather weird as […]

NY Times Says Getting Rid Of Net Neutrality Will Make U.S. Like China Or Something

With the vote on doing away with the Obama era rules on Net Neutrality coming today, supporters of this big government plan are getting nuttier and nuttier. We had the banksy idiocy, proclaiming you’d pay $1.99 for each Google search (which would simply mean, if it happened for real, that people would just use other […]

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