NY Gov Cuomo Rebukes Trump On Immigration With Pardons Or Something

Putting illegal aliens over U.S. citizens, that’s the Democratic Party way. Also, a rebuke for federal law

In Rebuke to Trump, Cuomo Pardons 18 Immigrants

In a jab at President Trump’s promises to crack down on illegal immigration, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Wednesday pardoned 18 immigrants in an effort to free them from the threat of deportation or other immigration-related issues.

The pardons targeted those who had committed low-level offenses and had demonstrated significant rehabilitation since their convictions, Alphonso David, the governor’s chief counsel, said in an interview.

“New York is a state of immigrants,” Mr. David said. “And most of these individuals made mistakes decades ago, and have been contributing members to our society.”

With the new slate of pardons, Mr. Cuomo nearly tripled the number he had issued explicitly to stave off deportations, his office said. Before Wednesday, the governor had pardoned seven people for that purpose.

What would be humor based irony here would be if ICE suddenly picked these illegal aliens up, stating that they hadn’t been on the deportation radar beforehand.

But, this is all about #Resist, and the illegal aliens are the pawns. Does anyone think Cuomo really cares about the illegals? Well, if they’re trimming his hedges and cutting his lawn, sure, but, otherwise, they are just objects to be used to jab at Trump.

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4 Responses to “NY Gov Cuomo Rebukes Trump On Immigration With Pardons Or Something”

  1. Stosh says:

    These pardons in no way change their status of being in the country illegally. They are still very much subject to deportation, and now have their names and locations publicized…good job libs.

  2. Dana says:

    Obvious question: if the Governors of California and New York are both so very opposed to convicted felons — or anyone else, for that matter — having firearms, won’t their pardons of these convicted felons who happen to be illegal immigrants as well once again eligible to own firearms?

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      Illegal aliens are “prohibited persons” under the ’68 Gun Control act and the form 4473. But hey, people that commit felony identity theft to work, vote, buy cars and houses wouldn’t lie to get a firearm. And the FBI never screws up a NICS background check, and State and Fed bureaucracies never refuse to comply with Fed statutes for political reasons. So, we’re totally in the clear.

  3. Rotterdam says:

    It never ceases to amaze me at how the USA in some areas are so concerned with the rights of felons or those who have committed crimes.

    It makes no sense why they want to protect these people yet if a white person had done the same thing and even if black people do the same things they do not care. Fry them.

    Yet illegal immigrants are protecting with a passion to the point of being irresponsible for the citizens of the state in which this is occurring. I find it simply illogical for the left, right or center in your country to protect those who commit crimes when the solution is to simply hand them over to the federal government and not bare the costs of dealing with them.

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