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Progressive Haven Of NY Times Suddenly Upset About This Whole “Democracy” Thing

Progressives have long been big adherents of Direct Democracy, where the people vote for lots and lots of things directly to determine the outcome. Think of ballot initiatives. This is different from representative democracy, where people vote lawmakers, who then go and vote the way their big moneyed donors constituents determine. But, NY Times writers […]

If All You See…

…is snow melting from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Welcome To The Rightly Guided, with a post on losing a billion dollars.

People With Giant Carbon Footprints Warn There’s No More Time For People To Be Allowed To Have Opinions

Let me posit a hypothesis: if you say you believe in anthropogenic global warming/climate change, yet have a carbon footprint well beyond most citizens on the planet, are you, in fact, denying your own beliefs? Obama And Leonardo DiCaprio Warn There’s No Time Left For Climate Change Denial President Barack Obama on Monday warned that […]

Washington Post: A President Trump Could End The Era Of American Global Leadership Or Something

Sunday, the Washington Post Editorial Board told us that a President Trump could “deport freely”, which was supposed to be a negative. Monday we learn something interesting (which fails to mention the phrase “leading from behind”) A President Trump could end the era of American global leadership IN NO realm is the U.S. president more […]

NJ Democrats Call For Public Option As Insurers Flee Obamacare

Does it need to be stated that the only ones who voted for Obamacare were Democrats? Does it need to be stated that the majority of Americans were against Obamacare prior to passage, and still are? Does it need to be stated that Ocare is collapsing exactly like predicted? Does it need to be stated […]

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