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Good News: Climate Deal Could Keep A/C From Developing India

I’m still waiting for all the Cult of Climastrology members to give up their own air conditioning. Instead, they want to deny Other People the same modern lifestyle developments that make their own lives nice Emerging Climate Accord Could Push A/C Out of Sweltering India’s Reach A thrill goes down Lane 12, C Block, Kamalpur […]

If All You See…

…is a coastal fishing village under threat from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Diogenes’ Middle Finger, with a post on Obama wanting to make sure robots aren’t racist. Photobucket is giving me some issues, so, if photo isn’t showing, there’s a bonus below the […]

Climate Skeptics File Civil Suit Against Climate Alarmists Alleging Criminal Activity

I bet the Warmists didn’t see this one coming. They’re so used to being able to get away with their nefarious schemes that they do not expect those on the right to fight back NOW RICO TURNED AGAINST CLIMATE-CHANGE ACTIVISTS Lawsuit charges conspiracy to hide truth, promote propaganda for financial gain It was a year […]

Final Presidential Debate To Feature Actual Issues

The final debate, and Trump’s last chance unless there is a massive October/November surprise against Hillary that the media can neither ignore, downplay, nor explain away, occurs on October 19th in Nevada, which is next Wednesday. And the topics? (LA Times) The Commission on Presidential Debates released topics on Wednesday for the third — and […]

How Much Is The RNC Spending On Donald Trump Ads?

The number might shock you (Politico) The Republican National Committee insists that it’s doing everything in its power to elect Donald Trump, but as Trump gets clobbered on the TV airwaves by his well-funded Democratic rival, the RNC has been conspicuously absent. A POLITICO analysis of campaign finance records reveals that the committee has not […]

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