NJ Democrats Call For Public Option As Insurers Flee Obamacare

Does it need to be stated that the only ones who voted for Obamacare were Democrats? Does it need to be stated that the majority of Americans were against Obamacare prior to passage, and still are? Does it need to be stated that Ocare is collapsing exactly like predicted? Does it need to be stated that even before passage, those who saw the whole picture stated that the system was designed to eventually put private insurers out of business, which would lead to a public option then single payer? In Blue state New Jersey, the Exchange will only have two insurance providers this coming year, as all the others pulled out citing extreme monetary losses

(NJ.com) With insurance companies in New Jersey fleeing the health exchange created by the Affordable Care Act, a state lawmaker has introduced a bill to create a government-operated plan that he said will stabilize the volatile market.

The “New Jersey Public Option Health Care Act” would require the state Health and Banking and Insurance departments to develop the plans, according to the legislation Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) introduced on Thursday and announced on Monday.

Any consumer could enroll in the plans, which would compete with those offered by private carriers, according to the bill (A4211). Carriers that already provide Medicaid and Medicare coverage would be eligible to join the public plans.

“Health care should be a right for every New Jersey resident,” said Gusciora (D–Mercer). “I think the climate is finally right to make significant changes to our system that will enshrine that principle in our laws.”

The climate was created by the Democrat’s malfeasance in passing Obamacare. The idea here is to force the remaining private insurers out of the Exchange, followed by getting as many people as possible to switch from their company provided plans to a government run plan, killing off more choice. How are Democrats going to pay for it? Surely the same old tired tropes like taxing the rich, taxing businesses, raising fees and other taxes. If all the providers, who actually know what they are doing, abandon the system over extreme financial losses, how will the state do? The money has to come from somewhere.

Of course, Governor Chris Christie would have to sign the bill if it passes the General Assembly. He’s in office till January 16, 2018. Democrats would have to regain the NJ Executive Office to pass this.

“That’s really the need and the goal, here — to cut costs,” Gusciora added. “With this plan, our insured and uninsured alike will have a reliable, affordable option for healthcare, where they can use their existing doctors and hospitals without having to deal with obtrusive and damaging network arrangements.”

We’ve heard that one before. Ocare’s goal was to cut costs. Which meant reduced networks. Which meant losing their existing doctors they liked. Which meant hospitals opting out. And still, costs rose faster for premiums, and deductibles tend to be higher than what company provided plans offer.

Funny how they rarely talk about increasing actual patient services, wouldn’t you say?

What you have here is a problem created by government intrusion into the private sector with government being the major issue, so, the fix is to institute more government involvement.

A couple choice comments

  • Well if the state gets involved we won’t have to worry about nepotism, political corruption, bloating the state payroll with hundreds of extra workers who can never get fired and who will put more burden on the pension system.
  • So this will get fixed just like the pension fiasco?
  • Yes…lets fix a disaster national health plan called the Affordable Care Act with a State Plan that will be a state level disaster.
  • Right, let’s take the reins on a program that even the largest health insurers couldn’t sustain. Makes sense, especially given our fiscal problems. These people are unbelievably stupid.

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2 Responses to “NJ Democrats Call For Public Option As Insurers Flee Obamacare”

  1. john says:

    Most Americans want a Federally funded healthcare program for all. Like Germany has had for over 100 years

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Most Americans want a Federally funded healthcare program…..

    Because most Americans think that “federally funded” means “free” or “without cost to them.

    You don’t make policy based on ignorance.

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