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Ordering Starbucks Implies Killing Black Men By Cops Or Something

Some people have entirely too much time on their hands (Daily Caller)  Oregon State University will host a workshop next week that will explain to students how ordering a coffee at Starbucks involves “implicit biases that contribute to injustice” and connects to the “recent killings of black men” by white cops. The Jan. 19 workshop […]

If All You See…

…are plants dying off and growing out of control from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on what Germany planned to do before the NYE rapefest. Humpday!

Good Grief: Biden Thanks Iran For Helping Our Boats “In Distress”

There’s spin, and then there’s Spin (via Ed Morrissey) (CBS News) After Iran released 10 U.S. Navy sailors from custody early Wednesday morning, some media outlets reported that the U.S. had issued an apology to Tehran in order to secure the sailors’ freedom. But Vice President Joe Biden told CBS News that there was “no […]

Cult of Climastrology: Aviation Is “a continued pattern of privilege for the very few”

People, meaning Warmists, scoff when I note that ‘climate change” is almost solely about far left politics, and not science. Yet, virtually everything surrounding this “issue” relates to Leftist policies, and most of the Believers are Leftists. People such as those at the New Internationalist Blog, who are very much a smattering of Progressives, Marxists, […]

The Best And Worst Of Obama’s SOTU

No, I did not watch the State Of The Union. NJ Devils hockey was on. If it wasn’t, I would have watched Masterchef Canada. And don’t you dare tell me who won! I did not watch all of Bush’s, either. But, no matter what, I had no intention of watching a snippy man lecture the […]

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