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Remember When Snow Was Going To Be A Thing Of The Past?

There have been many dire predictions made about the end of snow. But, with the last 7 years seeing many winters in the eastern and western hemispheres in both the North and South, well, Warmists have to find some way to cover this, as we’ve seen over the past few years. Here we go again […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle contributing to planetary doom, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Neo-neocon, with a post on Donald Trump and free speech.

Good News: Germany Battles Sexual Assault By “Refugees” With Cartoons And Signs

In Norway and Denmark, the government is holding classes for the “refugees” on how Not To Rape And Sexually Assault. Sadly, the classes are completely optional, unlike at most institutions of higher learning. Germany has decided to take a different route (Fox News) Rocked by a wave of sexual assaults committed by migrant men, Germany […]

Senate Democrats Decide To Explain Snowmaggedon To Deniers

This is the reason I so often refer to ‘climate change’, as in, the belief that all changes in the climate are caused mostly/solely by Mankind’s output of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, as Hotocoldwetdry. They Cult of Climastrology has created a tautology, whereby everything can either be directly blamed on ‘climate change’ or linked […]

Joe Klein: Democrats Are Stumbling Towards Socialism

When I first saw the headline to this Time piece by Joe Klein (The Democrats Stumble Toward 50 Shades of Socialism), I figured I was going to be leading with “au, contraire, Joe, they are moving towards Progressivism, also known as “nice fascism”, but, he somewhat mentions this A specter is haunting the Democratic Party–the […]

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