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Special Snowflake Warmist Isn’t Impressed With Old Gray Hair Warmists

Thankfully, we now have the opinion of Clara Nevins, a “high school activist, dancer, and writer” (strange, she doesn’t want to be a STEM major?), who isn’t impressed with all those old fogey Warmists when she took a long fossil fueled trip to the Paris Hotcoldwetdry conference A Millennial’s Take on Climate Activism …. Paris […]

The Deal In Oregon: My Take

Jeffrey asked yesterday why I wasn’t writing about the “standoff” in Oregon. Well, let’s see. First off, I really do not care all that much. These are some foolish people trying to make a point, yet the people they are supposedly making a point over want them to stop. There’s no doubt that there are […]

Bummer: Climate Change Killed Off The Real King Kong!

Seriously, how could our ancestors do this? Driving fossil fueled vehicles and refusing to buy local and using air conditioning. Bad humans! This is an AFP article being pimped by ultra-leftist Raw Story in order to push The Narrative about how evil climate change is Climate change starved the Earth’s ‘real King Kong’ into extinction: […]

Obama Releases His Bland EO On Guns, Which Won’t Change A Thing

As I wrote yesterday, this is box checking by Obama, some red meat thrown to his gun grabby base. It really ends up being very little adoo over nothing, a 1 ounce bit of steak when Progressives expected a 16oz T-bone (White House) Gun violence has taken a heartbreaking toll on too many communities across […]

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