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If All You See…

…are plants which will wither away from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Pamela Geller, with a post on yet another refugee rape coverup in Sweden.

Nope, 2015 Was Not Hottest Year On Record

Not according to UAH (Examiner) Since 1978, satellites have been measuring the Earth’s temperature and have given us a snapshot of2015‘s overall temperature: it’s not a record breaker. Not even close. In fact, 2015 didn’t even come close to breaking any all-time records, the Daily Caller reported yesterday. Culling data from weather satellites that have been orbiting […]

We Need To Focus On Illegal Guns Says….Charles Blow

Typically, the left-leaning gun grabbers focus on how to restrict gun ownership to law abiding citizens (while often refusing to give up their own guns). The NY Times’ Charles Blow, not usually known for being reasonable, has taken a different common sense tactic. Focus on Illegal Guns …(discussion of shooting of Philadelphia police officer) But […]

Obama Will Offer A Grand Vision And Optimism At SOTU Or Something

And he plans on acting the elder statesman afterwards. Here’s your morning laugh-riot article (Politico) People inside the West Wing have a vision of President Barack Obama’s 2016: he’ll take on the role that Bill Clinton played for him in 2012, the elder statesman and battering ram, laying out a fact- and figure-based case for […]

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