Obama Will Offer A Grand Vision And Optimism At SOTU Or Something

And he plans on acting the elder statesman afterwards. Here’s your morning laugh-riot article

(Politico) People inside the West Wing have a vision of President Barack Obama’s 2016: he’ll take on the role that Bill Clinton played for him in 2012, the elder statesman and battering ram, laying out a fact- and figure-based case for why Democratic governing gets better results than Republican promises.

That’s coming, aides say. But not on Tuesday.

The closest Obama’s going to come to 2016 politics in his State of the Union is setting the grand vision and offering an optimistic, aspirational contrast to the doomsday at-the-barricades mentality that’s dominating the GOP primary race.

Talking points are amusing. In reality, nothing will change in the least, except Obama will check out of the job a bit more than he already has. Obama will be just as nasty and divisive as usual, both during the SOTU and afterwards. You’re either with him 100% or you’re his enemy. And it will be preachy. Very preach, if the list of attendees sitting in Michelle Obama’s box. Based on the list, we can expect to be scolded on

  • gun control
  • free college
  • apprenticeships and a $15 wage
  • Student loan reform
  • Obamacare
  • climate change
  • How he saved GM singlehandidly
  • Illegal aliens
  • “Syrian” refugees

Will he talk about the issues that Americans really care about? Good question. If he does, it will be in a manner that attempts to make him look Superman awesome, while telling Americans we have to do better, because he’s very disappointed in us. For instance, any mention of Islamic terrorism will be couched in a manner that protects the misogynistic and violence religion while telling Americans we have to reach out and stop being bigoted to the non-violent ones. Don’t expect him to spend much time, if any, on Islamic terrorism. It’s not a subject he seems to care much about.

Very much expect Obama to take lots of shots at the Republican controlled Congress, and, by extension, all the U.S. Citizens who voted for the Republicans. This is who Obama is: a nasty, petulant man.

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2 Responses to “Obama Will Offer A Grand Vision And Optimism At SOTU Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    We already have “free” college, at least if you do it the way my daughters did: they enlisted in the Army, and have the GI Bill to pay for college.

    Still, what’s the point of free college, when so many college graduates — at least the ones in useless majors — can’t find jobs?

  2. Blick says:

    The SOTU will be selfie of BHO’s achievements and littered with I’s and me’s and mine’s. There will not be much on the actual state of the country.

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