Rapey Refugees In Germany Fear Backlash

I meant to get to this one Saturday, before my server was hit with a possible denial of service attack. It’s yet another in a long line of articles meant to protect those who look to undermine Western society, our values, our legal systems, you name it, and replace it with the same horrible systems they have in their home countries. Like systematic rape

Migrants in Germany fear backlash after sex assaults

When asylum seeker Asim Vllaznim heard about the New Year’s Eve spate of sexual attacks in Germany, blamed on a crowd of migrants, he says his spirits fell.

“Our first reaction was: now the Germans will hate us,” said the 32-year-old Kosovar, sitting with his family in their room at a migrant shelter in the western city of Cologne.

Certainly, not all the refugees (not migrants) are bad people. But, so many seem to be bringing their values to Western nations, and don’t seem to care a lick about assimilation.

Vllaznim said he fears the anti-foreigner backlash has only just begun, as furious critics have blamed Angela Merkel’s liberal refugee policy for the mob attacks.

Perhaps they should worry more about women being sexually assaulted by their fellow refugees.

“We are not bad people, we only want a better life.”

And their want of a better life is directly in opposition of the need of the people of the host countries to have a better life, one where the women are not sexually assaulted. Much less the escalating crime rates. These people are bringing their values of intolerance, violence, and repression of women (to say the least) to Germany and other nations. I fail to understand why Liberals, who constantly preach about the so called “war on women” when a Republican wants to not require religious organizations pay for birth control, abortifacients, and sterilization, have decided to kick women under a steamroller when it comes to Islam.

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4 Responses to “Rapey Refugees In Germany Fear Backlash”

  1. Odysseus says:

    If they understood history at all backlash would be too mild a term. The Germans have been conditioned since the 1500’s to get very dark in the face of such acts.

    Much as the Techeurocrats have tried to disarm this potential cultural time-bomb. I personally fear that all they’ve done is screwed down the lid on a pressure cooker and then denied such a thing even exists.

  2. JGlanton says:

    Imagine if one muslim immigrant girl was raped by some drunk german boys on their way home from the hofbrau. The muslims would be up in arms, there would be calls for the heads of germans, calls for protection of muslims, calls for new laws, there would be programs put in place to teach germans to respect immigrants, and it would be a major media story all over the world.

  3. Dana says:

    You don’t understand why the left have kicked women under the steamroller? Because feminism has been completely subsumed by leftism in general, and the feminist women, well they know their place!

  4. Jl says:

    Just what Germany needs-more rapeugees

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