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Wind: Idiot Power

Via Dana’s Twitter machine. Dana also writes Shouldn’t the people who are meeting to try to find ways that the countries of the world can agree on reducing carbon emissions be the first ones to try to limit their own carbon emissions? The conclusion? Warmists love their taxpayer funded working vacations to great vacations spots […]

If All You See….

…is rising waters from snow melting because someone drove a fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist Going to sleep meow???? pic.twitter.com/JXwjX8wp8J — Sara Jean Underwood (@SaraUnderwood) January 11, 2016 The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on 2015’s miserable economic growth. Photobucket is down at moment, so […]

Are State Investigations Aimed At Skeptics Unconstitutional?

In a word, yes State Attorney General Climate Change Investigations Are Unconstitutional Should government officials be able to cut off donations to groups because they employ people disparaged as “climate change deniers,” even if the group in question is a think tank that studies a wide range of topics, only a few of which relate […]

Fox News GOP Debate Starts Off With Attempt To Bash Trump

Once again, let me state quite clearly that I do not support Trump. If he’s the eventual GOP presidential nominee, I’ll vote for him while holding my nose. He’s still better than anyone the Democrats might nominate, but, I trust him about as much as I trust Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, meaning, not much. […]

Sanders Fires Back At Washington Post For Editorial Hit Job

Yesterday I noted the Washington Post Editorial Board taking shots at Bernie Sanders, essentially calling him a liar. He decided to fight back, as noted in the Washington Post news section Bernie Sanders unloads on The Washington Post Wait, isn’t that a rather gun-centric and violence laden headline? Anyhow The first volley was the editorial, […]

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